Nifty 17176.7 (1.56%)
Sensex 57633.65 (1.56%)
Nifty Bank 36618.4 (2.47%)
Nifty IT 35272.3 (1.13%)
Nifty Financial Services 17979.35 (2.17%)
Adani Ports 744.70 (2.94%)
Asian Paints 3030.35 (-0.26%)
Axis Bank 687.00 (3.60%)
B P C L 387.80 (1.13%)
Bajaj Auto 3286.45 (1.13%)
Bajaj Finance 7103.15 (2.18%)
Bajaj Finserv 17109.00 (1.28%)
Bharti Airtel 698.85 (0.18%)
Britannia Inds. 3474.20 (-0.63%)
Cipla 889.25 (-0.64%)
Coal India 150.65 (1.41%)
Divis Lab. 4624.80 (-0.47%)
Dr Reddys Labs 4520.70 (0.49%)
Eicher Motors 2471.80 (1.13%)
Grasim Inds 1685.55 (1.49%)
H D F C 2817.50 (1.76%)
HCL Technologies 1149.65 (1.15%)
HDFC Bank 1525.70 (1.46%)
HDFC Life Insur. 694.40 (1.49%)
Hero Motocorp 2461.80 (1.73%)
Hind. Unilever 2321.60 (0.65%)
Hindalco Inds. 442.50 (5.02%)
I O C L 120.60 (-0.29%)
ICICI Bank 734.65 (3.54%)
IndusInd Bank 926.65 (1.20%)
Infosys 1711.65 (0.96%)
ITC 220.65 (1.26%)
JSW Steel 660.65 (2.77%)
Kotak Mah. Bank 1937.15 (2.76%)
Larsen & Toubro 1798.10 (0.87%)
M & M 825.95 (0.46%)
Maruti Suzuki 7186.60 (2.04%)
Nestle India 19254.90 (1.25%)
NTPC 125.35 (0.80%)
O N G C 145.90 (1.78%)
Power Grid Corpn 205.80 (1.88%)
Reliance Industr 2381.85 (0.81%)
SBI Life Insuran 1159.15 (0.93%)
Shree Cement 25800.00 (0.73%)
St Bk of India 476.70 (2.45%)
Sun Pharma.Inds. 743.70 (0.89%)
Tata Consumer 760.70 (1.75%)
Tata Motors 481.80 (3.13%)
Tata Steel 1148.80 (3.61%)
TCS 3584.50 (1.36%)
Tech Mahindra 1576.65 (1.60%)
Titan Company 2380.55 (2.38%)
UltraTech Cem. 7299.40 (1.18%)
UPL 726.95 (1.45%)
Wipro 632.40 (1.27%)
What Is Covered Call Options Trading Strategy?
by Nilesh Jain 21/02/2017

A covered call options trading strategy is an Income generating strategy which can be initiated by simultaneously purchasing a stock and selling a call option. It can also be used by someone who is holding a stock and wants to earn income from that investment. Generally, the call option which is sold will be out-the-money and it will not get exercised unless the stock price increases above the strike price.

How should you use the covered call Options Trading strategy?

Choosing between strikes involves a trade-off between priorities. An investor can select higher out-the-money strike price and preserve some more upside potential. However, more out-the-money would generate less premium income, which means that there would be a smaller downside protection in case ofstock decline. The expiration month reflects the time horizon of his market view.

Strategy Buy Stock & Sell call option
Market Outlook Neutral to moderately bullish
Breakeven(Rs.) at expiry Stock price paid-premium received
Maximum Risk Stock price paid-call premium
Reward Limited
Margin required Yes

Let’s try to understand the Covered Call Options Trading Strategy with an Example:

Current ABC Ltd Price Rs. 8500
Strike price Rs. 8700
Premium Received (per share) Rs. 50
BEP (strike Price - Premium paid) Rs. 8450
Lot size (in units) 100

Let us consider the following scenario: Mr. X has purchased 100 shares of ABC Ltd. for Rs.8500 and simultaneously sells a call option with a strike price of Rs. 8700 for Rs.50 which means that Mr. X does not think that price of ABC Ltd will rise above Rs. 8700 till expiry. Thus, the net outflow to Mr. X is (Rs.8500-Rs.50) Rs. 8450.

The upside profit potential is limited to the premium received from the call option sold plus the difference between the stock purchase price and its strike price.

In the above example, if stock price surges above the 8700 level, then the maximum profit would be calculated as:(8700-8500 +50)*100 = (250*100) = Rs. 25,000. If the stock price stays at or below Rs. 8700, the call option will not get exercised and Mr. X can retain the premium of Rs. 50, which is an extra income.

For the ease of understanding, concepts such as commission, dividend, margin, tax and other transaction charges have not been included in the above example.

Any increase in volatility will have a neutral to negative impact as the option premium will increase, while a decrease in volatility will have a positive effect. Time decay will have a positive effect.

Analysis of Covered Call trading Strategy:

The covered call strategy is best used when an investor wishes to generate income in addition to any dividends from shares of stocks he or she owns. However, it may not be a very profitable strategy for an investor whose main interest is to gain substantial profit and who wants to protect downside risk.

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