Why Start SIP With 5paisa Today!

Why Start SIP With 5paisa Today!
by Divya Nair 21/12/2016

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a method that allows investors to invest a pre-decided amount of money in a set of stocks at regular intervals through mutual funds route. SIP helps one stay invested consistently. In SIP, investors are allocated certain number of units based on the market value of funds (also known as NAV or net asset value) for the day. Here are few more reasons that would entice you to start an SIP today.

Conclusion -

Regular savings, even if they are small, help create huge corpus in the long run. By starting SIP today, you can achieve your future financial goals, without having to invest huge sums of money. But to enjoy the power of SIP the most, investors must carefully choose mutual fund schemes as there are different types of funds - equity mutual funds, fixed income funds and balanced funds to name a few. Beginners are advised to take help of professionals to ensure that they choose the suited mutual fund schemes.

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