Top Gainers BSE

Company Name LTP GAIN(%) Day's Low Day's High Days Volume
ITC 361.45 2.6 % 329.00 365.65 2754284 Trade
Tata Steel 122.05 2.0 % 119.35 124.15 4240652 Trade
ICICI Bank 846.65 1.8 % 823.55 875.25 8271855 Trade
TCS 3407.65 1.5 % 3355.60 3418.00 43176 Trade
HDFC Bank 1627.05 1.5 % 1606.75 1664.15 423793 Trade
H D F C 2662.00 1.4 % 2622.00 2726.15 114415 Trade
Infosys 1549.45 1.1 % 1528.20 1555.00 250270 Trade
Kotak Mah. Bank 1747.55 1.0 % 1720.40 1783.45 38745 Trade
Wipro 402.70 1.0 % 398.40 403.90 203447 Trade
Larsen & Toubro 2144.55 0.9 % 2081.95 2215.00 455940 Trade

What Are BSE Gainers?

In the simplest terms, a gainer is a share that has performed well in the stock market on a particular day. A share or security is termed as a gainer if its stock price is more than its closing price of the previous trading day.

Gainers are star performers of a stock exchange. A BSE Gainer is a share or stock that has witnessed gains on the BSE index. Conversely, those securities that see a decrease in their stock price on a trading day are known as BSE Losers.

SENSEX Gainers: Sensex is a mix of two terms - sensitive and index. The stocks that are listed on BSE witness price movement when they are traded on a daily basis. Sensex gainers is the list of companies gaining in the S&P BSE Sensex Index. Traders are always interested in finding out the SENSEX top gainers today as these are the securities that see a spike in their stock price.

How Are the Top Gainers in BSE Determined?

The top gainers in BSE are determined by calculating and comparing the gains on the stock price. You can determine the price movement on the securities listed under the Bombay Stock Exchange for any time period. However, gains are most commonly calculated daily. The current market price of the security is compared to the previous closing price of the security. This value is determined in percentage using the below formula:

                                             \                           Current market price - Previous Closing Price 

                                                     BSE Gains =  ------------------------------------------------------------  x 100  

                                                                                              Previous Closing Price 


BSE gainers have a direct impact on the BSE SENSEX. Here’s how the movement of BSE top gainers affects Asia’s first stock exchange: 

  • A rise in the number of BSE gainers implies that the BSE index is up. 
  • A dip in the number of BSE gainers means that the market did not do well, and it causes the BSE index to go down.

How to Use the BSE India Top Gainers List? 

To make it easy for everyone to track the top gainers today, we are providing the list of BSE top gainers & BSE top losers. This list is updated on a real-time basis, so you know which BSE stock can prove to be profitable. The market gain for each BSE gainer is expressed in percentage change. You can also find out the BSE Gainers today based on volume (in shares) or value (in rupees). 

Learning how to analyse BSE Gainer listings can help you in: 

  • Finding out the top-performing stocks in BSE 
  • Planning your investment goals accordingly 
  • Keeping track of the low-risk and high-risk securities 
  • Determining which trading strategy to apply based on the gain trends