A lot of traders require constant attention to what's going on in the stock market. The US has few share market holidays, so people may take a rest while the stock markets are closed.

The holidays observed by the US stock market in 2024 are included in this table:

List of US Market Holidays 2024

Sr. No Holidays Date Day
1 New Year’s Day 1 Jan, 2024 Monday
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 15 Jan, 2024 Monday
3 Washington's Birthday 19 Feb, 2024 Monday
4 Good Friday 29 Mar, 2024 Friday
5 Memorial Day 27 May, 2024 Monday
6 Juneteenth National Independence Day 19 Jun, 2024 Wednesday
7 Independence Day 4 Jul, 2024 Thursday
8 Labor Day 2 Sep, 2024 Monday
9 Thanksgiving Day 28 Nov, 2024 Thursday
10 Christmas Day 25 Dec, 2024 Wednesday


US Stock Market Timings in India

Because of the time zone difference, Indian investors who wish to trade on the US market must be aware of the market timings.


Eastern Time (ET), used by the US stock market, is approximately nine hours behind Indian Standard Time (IST). For example, in the United States, it is 9:30 AM ET; in India, it is 6:30 PM IST. As a result, the next day at 1:00 AM IST, the US market will shut at 4:00 PM ET.


If Indian investors want to engage in live US market operations actively, they need to be aware of these time discrepancies and modify their schedules appropriately.



Frequently Asked Questions

On occasion, stock markets may close on the Friday before a holiday that falls on a weekend. This is frequently observed on occasions like Good Friday and Easter. 

In the US stock market, January typically has the most holidays out of all the other months. The market can close for many days in January.

About ten holidays are predicted to occur in 2024 when the US stock market is closed. New Year's Day, Presidents Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Independence Day, Good Friday, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, and Christmas Day are some examples of these holidays.

Your trade will automatically be performed on the next business day upon the market's reopening if it is scheduled to execute on a holiday when the market is closed. Trades are normally settled two business days following the trade execution on the stock market because of the T+2 settlement method.

If your transaction is planned on a holiday, it will be executed on the next trading day, and you will be able to view the trade outcomes as a consequence.