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The Universal Account Number (UAN) is an identification number assigned to every registered member of EPFO. Issued by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, the 12-digit UAN serves as your ID for the Provident Fund. You can only have one UAN during your service tenure. The UAN links and unifies all your EPF accounts to ensure easy access and work. 

With the UAN Member E-Sewa portal, you can easily access all the services related to your provident fund account. It is a robust online facility that helps employers and salaried employees conveniently manage various PF account activities. You can use the UAN portal for the following:

●    Fulfilling KYC guidelines to get registered on the portal.
●    Updating information about your entity and employees to make payments towards EPF contributions.
●    Keeping track of payment flow from your EPF accounts, etc. 

Registration Process at the E-Sewa portal

Registration at the E-Sewa portal is compulsory to access EPFO services. Once registered, you can easily enjoy all the online facilities related to EPF account management, payments, employee EPF account contributions, etc. To register your organisation on the EPFO member portal, you must perform the following UAN login steps:

●    First, visit the official EPFO website. 
●    In the box available, fill in the details regarding the organisation's name, e-mail ID and phone number. 
●    Enter the captcha code before submitting the details. 
●    The portal sends a temporary code to your e-mail for validation. 
●    Open the link sent to your e-mail ID to complete the registration procedures. 
●    Further, provide the information offered by the portal in the space provided. Attach the documents related to your organisation, address proof, and employee details. 
●    Create a user ID and set a new password for easy UAN login in the future. 

How To Check Your UAN Status?

You can check the status of your UAN number in two ways: enquire about the UAN number from your employer or acquire it yourself by visiting the EPF member portal. Both procedures are simple to follow and proceed with. 

1.    Getting your UAN login details from your employer: In your first employment, the employer will provide you with the Universal Account Number. You can also find the UAN on your salary statement when your employer starts making EPF contributions in your favour. It can help you enjoy quick EPFO member login anytime. 

2.    Checking UAN on the UAN member portal:

●    Visit the UAN portal and choose the ‘Know your UAN Status’ option.
●    Fill in the basic details about your Aadhar, PAN, etc. or fill in a form based on your member ID as provided by the employer. 
●    If you have the PF ID, fill in the details requested and select your state and EPFO office from the list. 
●    If you do not have the PF ID, you can use your Aadhaar or PAN to find your UAN. 
●    Other compulsory details to be filled in include your name, DOB, and contact number. 
●    Click on the ‘Get Authorization PIN’ tab. 
●    The portal sends a PIN to your verified phone contact. Enter the PIN on the space offered and tap on ‘Validate OTP.’
●    The UAN option appears on the screen. Click on it to get the EPFO member login number or UAN on your contact number.  

Steps to Login to the Portal

For Employees

●    Move to the ‘Services’ option and choose the ‘For Employees’ field from the list displayed on the EPFO website. 
●    Next, go to the ‘Member UAN/Online Services’ field.
●    Fill in the details, such as your UAN number and password. 
●    Sign In to avail yourself of an easy UAN login experience in the future. 

For Employers

●    Visit the EPFO website. 
●    Go to the EPFO Employer Login tab.
●    Fill in the Establishment ID and password for the login purpose. 
●    Click on Sign In.
●    The main page of the employer’s EPFO account gets displayed.

Employee-Specific Benefits of UAN

The UAN member portal offers several benefits to employers and employees. Some of its primary advantages for employees are as follows.

●    Easy management and tracking of multiple EPF accounts in one place. 
●    The portal allows employees to view their EPF passbook online. 
●    Employees can claim partial PF withdrawals online using the portal.
●    They can make transfer EPF accounts online. 
●    Through the EPF member portal, employees can also monitor the progress of an EPFO claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, UAN registration is free. You can activate your UAN number without any expense.

The organisation does not offer any facility for UAN activation through SMS presently. However, you can do it through the UAN member portal or the Umang app. 

No. UAN is activated only once. Therefore, there is no need for re-activation during a job change. 

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