Top Gainers NSE

Company Name LTP GAIN(%) Day's Low Day's High Days Volume
Hindalco Inds. 390.55 5.2 % 375.15 395.35 17706821 Trade
Bharti Airtel 799.90 4.6 % 761.45 809.00 7469164 Trade
IndusInd Bank 1185.20 3.8 % 1128.80 1192.30 4392250 Trade
Bajaj Finance 7335.75 3.3 % 7026.80 7362.00 1618665 Trade
Kotak Mah. Bank 1819.20 3.1 % 1757.70 1826.45 2804653 Trade
Titan Company 2606.95 3.0 % 2522.60 2637.40 1453944 Trade
HDFC Bank 1421.35 2.8 % 1365.00 1431.45 7890878 Trade
Bajaj Finserv 1678.35 2.6 % 1621.00 1699.00 2788387 Trade
Tata Steel 99.30 2.5 % 95.70 100.40 66436616 Trade
Maruti Suzuki 8828.15 2.4 % 8558.20 8872.00 658982 Trade

What are NSE Gainers?

A gainer is a security in the stock market that gains or increases its price during a typical trading day. It means that a gainer share or security has a higher price at the time of share market closing as compared to its closing market price of the previous trading day.

The securities listed under the National Stock Exchange that have seen an increase in price on a particular trading day are known as NSE Gainers in the stock market. On the other hand, those shares and securities listed under NSE that see a dip in prices on a trading day are called NSE Losers.

NSE gainers have the potential to affect the NSE indices. Here’s how the action of NSE top gainers affects the stock market:
•    When the number of gainers increases, NSE indices go up.
•    When the number of gainers decreases, NSE indices go down.


How are the top gainers in NSE determined?

You can monitor price movement on the securities listed under the National Stock Exchange for any fixed time period. The most popular time interval for determining NSE gainers and losers is on a daily basis. The current market price of the security is compared to the previous closing price of the security. This value is shared in percentage. A general formula that can be used for calculating gains is:

                           Current Market Price (CMP) - Previous Closing Price
 NSE Gains = ------------------------------------------------------------------------- x 100
                                                 Previous Closing Price

NSE gainers with the highest percentage will be at the top of the NSE top gainers list. The higher up security is on the list, the more gains it has achieved on that day.
NIFTY Gainers: The famous NIFTY 50 are stock market giants that set benchmarks for the Indian stock market index. NIFTY 50 is a weighted average of India's top 50 companies listed under NSE. This is why NIFTY Gainers have a huge impact on the NSE index.

How to use NSE India Top Gainers List?

If you want to check out NSE top gainers today, keep an eye on NIFTY Top Gainers today. This list is updated on a real-time basis, so you know which securities are doing well at any given time. The market gain for each NSE gainer is expressed in percentage change. You can also find out the NSE Top Gainers today based on volume (in shares) or value (in rupees). 

Once you’ve learned how to read the NSE Gainers list, you can use this information to:
•    Determine your short- and long-term investment goals
•    Plan your investment portfolio
•    Study trends to apply smart trading strategies for maximum gains
Now that you know what NSE Gainers are, go ahead and pick out the ones you would like to invest in!