L&T Mutual Fund

The asset management company of L&T Mutual Fund, L&T Investment Management, was founded in 1996 and operated under L&T Finance Holdings Limited, a publicly-listed company registered with RBI as an NBFC. The AMC offers fixed income, financial planning, asset management, mutual funds, equities, advisory services, and investment services. The investment management company is set up to meet the needs of investors through its varied range of mutual fund schemes. The AMC currently manages assets worth about INR 78,000 crores, and its offerings include 36 equity funds, 71 debt, and 24 hybrid funds.

Top 10 L&T Mutual Fund Schemes –

Fund Name
1Y Returns
Fund Size (in Cr)
L&T Emerging Businesses Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 10.69 3 7,580
L&T FMP – Series XVIII – Plan B Growth Debt Moderate 11.18 - 248
L&T FMP – Series XVIII – Plan D Growth Debt Moderate 11.18 - 55
L&T Midcap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -1.94 2 6,227
L&T India Value Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 0.56 3 7,297
L&T Infrastructure Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 6.45 3 1,309
L&T FMP – Series XVIII – Plan C – Direct Growth Debt Moderate 2.22 - 42
L&T Focused Equity Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -4.43 3 929
L&T Large & Midcap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -1.96 2 1,434
L&T Business Cycles Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 1.42 - 519
L&T Flexi Cap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -1.63 2 2,677
L&T India Large Cap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -2.12 2 686
L&T Equity Savings Fund – Direct Growth Hybrid Moderately High 4.04 2 206
L&T Tax Advantage Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -4.91 2 3,080
L&T Hybrid Equity Fund – Direct Growth Hybrid Very High -3.13 3 4,593
L&T Balanced Advantage Fund – Direct Growth Hybrid Moderate 1.19 3 1,936
L&T FMP – Series XVII – Plan B – Direct Growth Debt Moderate 3.86 - 298
L&T Resurgent India Bond Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderate 2.87 3 717
L&T Triple Ace Bond Fund – Direct (Growth) Debt Moderate 1.72 2 7,540
L&T Short Term Bond Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately Low 2.41 3 3,987
L&T Banking and PSU Debt Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately Low 0.97 3 4,381
L&T Conservative Hybrid Fund – Direct Growth Hybrid Moderately High 1.60 3 37
L&T Flexi Bond Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately Low 2.60 3 54
L&T Gilt Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderate 1.97 2 237
L&T Low Duration Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately Low 3.75 3 814
L&T Money Market Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately Low 3.45 2 958
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund – Direct (Bonus) Debt Moderately Low 3.59 - 1,504
L&T Ultra Short Term Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately Low 3.59 3 1,504
L&T Arbitrage Opportunities Fund – Direct Growth Hybrid Low 3.99 4 3,403
L&T Credit Risk Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately High 4.97 2 164
L&T Liquid Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately Low 3.63 2 7,483
L&T Overnight Fund – Direct Growth Debt Low 3.49 3 1,776
L&T Nifty 50 Index Fund – Direct Growth Other Very High 1.52 - 96
L&T Nifty Next 50 Index Fund – Direct Growth Other Very High -4.58 - 49

L&T Mutual Fund has solid investment management practices and a knowledgeable team of fund managers. Its philosophy is to assure gains for investors through active portfolio management and research-backed stock selection. The company has a physical presence across India through sales offices and service centres. It also provides SIP mutual funds, mutual fund calculator, returns calculator, investment news, ELSS tax saving fund, and other tools on its website to allow investing online. The L&T Mutual Fund Online in India is known for its transparent and intuitive interface.

The company relies on sound investment management practices to deliver risk-adjusted returns to investors. This is across its various equity, debt, and hybrid investment solutions that continue to outperform key indices at every turn. L&T is aided by an experienced and knowledgeable management team and strong intellectual capital accumulated over the years. A tech-enabled platform with an intuitive interface makes it all the simpler to buy L&T Mutual Funds online.

L&T Finance’s investment management arm got its start being carved from its big treasury desk. The company acquired DBS Chola in 2010 and Fidelity Mutual Funds in 2012, officially entering the big leagues in Indian capital markets. Since then, the company has witnessed steady growth with evergrowing AUMs and market-beating fund performances. The company successfully used these acquisitions to expand its retail and equity presence further, arrest the AUM tilt towards debt, and has since performed well, with AUMs growing from INR 12,000 crores in 2012 to INR 78,000 crores today. However, the staggering growth rates fell short of peers such as Axis Mutual Fund and Mirae, who jumped ranks and continue to rule the roost in Indian equity markets.

L&T Investment Management is now 100% owned by HSBC Asset Management. While the operating structure and management remain in place, this can add plenty of value to investors, given HSBC’s global exposure and substantial track record in this niche. With the parent company’s presence in key markets and the synergies arising from this acquisition, the merged entity can unlock substantial value across the board.

L&T Mutual Fund Key Information

Name of the Mutual Fund L&T Mutual Fund
Asset Management Company Name L&T Investment Management Ltd.
Founded on 3rd January 1997
Date of Incorporation 25th April 1996
Sponsor Name L&T Finance Holdings Ltd.
Trustee Name L&T Mutual Fund Trustee Ltd.
Chairman Mr M.V. Nair
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer Mr Kailash Kulkarni
Chief Operating Officer Mr Soumendra Nath Lahiri
Auditor M/s Sharp & Tannan
Ravindra Annexe,
194, Churchgate Reclamation,Dinshaw Vachha Road,

Mumbai 400020

Registered Office 6th floor, Brindavan,
Plot No. 177, CST Road,
Kalina, Santacruz (E),
Mumbai – 400 098
Tel: +91 22 66554000
Fax : + 91 22 66554070

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L&T Mutual Fund – Top Fund Managers

Mr Venugopal Manghat

Currently serving as the Head of Equities at L&T Mutual Fund, Mr Venugopal Manghat has a total experience of over 23 years in the Indian equity market. He had worked with Tata Asset Management for 16 years before joining L&T. He presently manages funds like L&T Equity Savings Fund, L&T India Value Fund, L&T Equity Fund, L&T Tax Advantage Fund, and many others.

Mr Soumendra Nath Lahiri

The present CIO and Head of Equities at L&T Mutual Fund, Mr Soumendra Nath Lahiri, manages assets worth INR 31,000 crores across multiple schemes, including L&T Infrastructure Fund, L&T Hybrid Equity Fund, L&T Midcap Fund, L&T Tax Advantage Fund, L&T Equity Fund, etc. He worked at Canara Robeco Asset Management Company as Head of Equities and fund manager before joining L&T Mutual Fund.

Mr Vihang Naik

Mr Vihang Naik has been serving at L&T Investment Management as the Co-head of Equities for 10 years. He initially worked at the Mumbai Stock Exchange as an Equity Research Analyst and later worked for Tata Asset Management Ltd in several positions before joining L&T Mutual Fund. He currently manages assets worth INR 10,500 crores invested across various equity and hybrid funds.

Mr Vikas Garg

After joining as the head of credit research in 2014, Mr Vikas Garg has been the portfolio manager of fixed income since 2017. Managing a portfolio worth INR 11,700 crores across 16 leading fixed income schemes, he is currently one of the top fund managers in the fixed income space across the country. Mr Vikas Garg has an extensive background in credit research working with companies like FIL Fund Management and ICRA, among others.