UTI Mutual Fund

UTI AMC is a new generation multi-asset class asset manager of India. UTI AMC has managed assets across domestic Mutual Fund, Portfolio Management Services, International Business, Retirement Solutions, and Alternate Investment assets.

Founded in 1964, UTI is one of India’s largest and oldest mutual fund houses. It was promoted by the Government of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC), and some other leading public sector banks and financial institutions. The organisation was formed under the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and India’s Securities & Exchange Board (SEBI).

Top 10 UTI Mutual Fund Schemes –

Fund Name
1Y Returns
Fund Size (in Cr)
UTI-Healthcare Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -14.20 - 706
UTI-Mid Cap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 1.20 3 6,373
UTI-Transportation & Logistics Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 12.64 - 1,727
UTI-Flexi Cap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -7.29 4 23,609
UTI-CPO – Sr.VIII – IV(1996Days) – Reg Growth Hybrid Moderate 11.18 - 53
UTI-FTI – Series XXX-IX(1266Days)-Reg Growth Debt Moderate 11.18 - 78
UTI-FTI – Series XXX-X(1267Days)-Reg Growth Debt Moderate 11.18 - 85
UTI-FTI – Series XXX-VIII(1286Days)-Reg Growth Debt Moderate 11.18 - 80
UTI-FTI – Series XXX-XIV(1209Days)-Reg Growth Debt Moderate 11.18 - 123
UTI-FTI – Series XXX-XI(1246Days)-Reg Growth Debt Moderate 11.18 - 146
UTI-FTI – Series XXXI-III(1174Days)-Reg Growth Debt Moderate 11.18 - 90
UTI-FTI – Series XXX-XIII(1224Days)-Reg Growth Debt Moderate 11.18 - 125
UTI-FTI – Series XXIX-IV(1422Days)-Reg Growth Debt Moderate 11.18 - 69
UTI-Value Opportunities Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -1.18 4 6,350
UTI-Long Term Equity Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -1.92 3 2,735
UTI-CCF Investment Plan – Direct Growth Solution Oriented Very High -2.43 - 599
UTI-Dividend Yield Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -2.02 - 2,808
UTI-Core Equity Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -0.85 2 1,282
UTI-Mastershare – Direct Growth Equity Very High -0.20 4 9,566
UTI-India Consumer Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 1.16 3 397
UTI-Hybrid Equity Fund – Direct Growth Hybrid Very High 3.76 3 4,184
UTI-FTI – Series XXXI-VII(1155Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 2.22 - 79
UTI-FTI – Series XXXI-VI(1167Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 2.22 - 53
UTI-FTI – Series XXXI-VIII(1153Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 2.22 - 166
UTI-Fixed Income Interval -Sr.II-Qrtly IV – DirGrowth Debt NA 2.22 - 3.29
UTI-FTI – Series XXX-XII(1254Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 2.22 - 233
UTI-FTI – Series XXXI-X(1168Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 2.22 - 37
UTI-Fixed Income Interval – Half Yrly-Sr.I-DirGrowth Debt NA 2.22 - 0.75
UTI-Fixed Income Interval -Sr.II-Qrtly VII -DirGrowth Debt NA 2.22 - 3.65
UTI-Fixed Income Interval-Monthly-Sr.I-Dir Growth Debt NA 2.22 - 3.08
UTI-Fixed Income Interval-Monthly-Sr.II-DirGrowth Debt NA 2.22 - 1.92
UTI-Fixed Income Interval – Annual-Sr.II -Dir Growth Debt NA 2.22 - 3.61
UTI-Fixed Income Interval – Half Yrly-Sr.II-DirGrowth Debt NA 2.22 - 0.30
UTI-FTI – Series XXXI-II(1222Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 2.22 - 165
UTI-Fixed Income Interval – Annual-Sr.IV -DirGrowth Debt NA 2.22 - 4.77
UTI-FTI – Series XXXI-V(1174Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 2.22 - 61
UTI-FTI – Series XXXI-IV(1204Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 2.22 - 67
UTI-Fixed Income Interval – Qrtly-Sr.III – Dir Growth Debt NA 2.22 - 3.27
UTI-Nifty Index Fund – Direct Growth Other Very High 1.41 3 7,095
UTI-MNC Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 1.20 - 2,368
UTI-Nifty Next 50 Index Fund – Direct Growth Other Very High -4.46 3 1,667
UTI-Dual Advantage FTF Sr.IV-IV(1997Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 5.11 - 31
UTI-Retirement Benefit Pension Plan – Direct Solution Oriented High 5.13 - 3,546
UTI-Dynamic Bond Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately High 19.13 3 354
UTI-Equity Savings Fund – Direct Growth Hybrid Moderate 4.45 4 254
UTI-Unit Linked Insurance Plan – Direct Hybrid High 1.50 - 5,116
UTI-Short Term Income Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately Low 8.19 2 2,425
UTI-FTI – Series XXXI-IX(1168Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 5.45 - 141
UTI-Regular Savings Fund – Direct Growth Hybrid Moderately High 5.82 3 1,577
UTI-FTI – Series XXXII-I(1126Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 5.11 - 30
UTI-Infrastructure Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High -0.98 2 1,368
UTI-FTI – Series XXXI-XII(1148Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 5.30 - 56
UTI-FTI – Series XXXI-XV(1099Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 5.26 - 37
UTI-FTI – Series XXXI-XIV(1111Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 5.10 - 40
UTI-FTI – Series XXXI-XIII(1127Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 5.03 - 66
UTI-Treasury Advantage Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately Low 8.88 2 3,010
UTI-Banking & PSU Debt Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderate 8.77 1 269
UTI-Multi Asset Fund – Direct Growth Hybrid High -1.50 2 846
UTI-Corporate Bond Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately Low 3.13 3 3,213
UTI-FTI – Series XXXI-XI(1169Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 4.01 - 259
UTI-Bond Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately High 16.09 2 296
UTI-Floater Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately Low 3.32 - 2,347
UTI-Ultra Short Term Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderate 6.60 3 2,005
UTI-Gilt Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately Low 1.59 3 518
UTI-Fixed Income Interval – Annual-Sr.I – Dir Growth Debt Low 7.21 - 22
UTI-Money Market Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderately Low 3.90 3 9,403
UTI-Arbitrage Fund – Direct Growth Hybrid Low 4.16 3 5,498
UTI-Liquid – Cash Plan – Direct Growth Debt Moderately Low 3.68 3 32,789
UTI-Fixed Income Interval – Annual-Sr.III -Dir Growth Debt NA 3.32 - 14
UTI-Medium Term Fund – Direct Growth Debt Moderate 5.51 3 59
UTI-Overnight Fund – Direct Growth Debt Low 3.49 3 8,751
UTI-Fixed Income Interval -Sr.II-Qrtly VI – DirGrowth Debt Low 3.51 - 14
UTI-Fixed Income Interval – Qrtly-Sr.I – Dir Growth Debt NA 3.52 - 12
UTI-Fixed Income Interval -Sr.II-Qrtly V – Dir Growth Debt NA 3.46 - 6.22
UTI-Banking and Financial Services Fund – Dir Growth Equity Very High -6.36 2 716
UTI-CCF Savings Plan – Direct Growth Solution Oriented High 3.49 - 4,056
UTI-Nifty Midcap 150 Quality 50 Index Fund-Dir Growth Other Very High - - 97
UTI-FTI – Series XXXIII-I(1135Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 3.59 - 146
UTI-Sensex Index Fund – Direct Growth Other Very High - - 123
UTI-Focused Equity Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High - - 2,680
UTI-Small Cap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 7.43 - 2,009
UTI-S&P BSE Low Volatility Index Fund – Dir Growth Other Very High - - 86
UTI-FTI – Series XXXII-II(1111Days)-Dir Growth Debt Moderate 4.28 - 29
UTI-Nifty200 Momentum 30 Index Fund – Direct Growth Other Very High -7.80 - 1,478
UTI-CCF Investment Plan – (Scholarship) – Direct Solution Oriented Very High -2.43 - 599

UTI AMC is one of India’s leading domestic asset management companies with a strong investment performance record. The company offers a comprehensive product suite to cater to investors across the risk-return spectrum. The Portfolio Management Services is a leading portfolio manager, having provided customised Portfolio Management Services (PMS) to High Net Worth Individuals and Institutions for over 30 years.

Investment Strategies of UTI AMC Ltd

UTI Asset Management Company has several investment strategies across its different funds. The first strategy is an aggressive asset allocation strategy that maximises returns while minimising risk levels. It also uses an active trading strategy which allows it to take advantage of short-term price movements to maximise returns.

The second strategy that UTI Mutual fund online in India follows is a conservative asset allocation strategy that aims to preserve capital even at the expense of low returns. This strategy is best for individuals who have low-risk tolerance levels or are nearing retirement age and do not have much time left to recover from any losses they may incur.

The third strategy that UTI AMC follows is a balanced approach that aims to maximise returns while minimising risk levels. It does this by taking advantage of both long-term trends and short-term price movements to generate high returns over time. They’re committed to creating value for all stakeholders, continuous investment in enhancing people’s capabilities and acting with integrity and trust in all that they do. UTI is one of the most trusted Indian UTI mutual fund online spaces with a strong distribution network. UTI Mutual Fund is also one of the best AMC’s to work for in India.

RBI set up a UTI mutual fund to promote the habit of saving among Indian households through mutual funds. RBI also wanted to encourage healthy competition between private players & public sector organisations so that investors get better deals in terms of returns on their investments.

UTI Mutual Fund Key Information

Mutual Fund Name UTI Mutual Fund
Founded on 14th January 2003
Sponsor Name State Bank of India, Life Insurance Corporation of India, Bank of Baroda and Punjab National Bank
Trustee Company UTI Trustee Company Private Limited
Chairman and Independent Director Mr Deepak Kumar Chatterjee
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Mr Imtaiyazur Rahman
Executive Director and Chief Information Officer Mr Vetri Subramaniam
Board of Directors Mr Dinesh Kumar Mehrotra

Mr Flemming Madsen

Mr Narasimhan Seshadri

Mr Rajeev Kakar

Ms Dipali Sheth

Registered Office G Block BKC, GN’ Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (E, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051, India

CIN: U65991MH2002PLC137867

Corporate Office UTI Tower, ‘Gn’ Block, Bandra-Kurla Complex,

Bandra (East), Mumbai 400051, Maharashtra

Contact Information Tel: 022-66786640, 66786367, 66786407

Fax: 26528991,

website: https://www.utimf.com/

Registrar and Transfer Agent KFin Technologies Private Limited (Formerly known as Karvy Fintech Private Limited)

Selenium Tower B, Plot 31 & 32,

Financial District, Nanakramguda, Serilingampally Mandal,

Hyderabad – 500 032, Telangana.

Statutory Auditors Haribhakti & Co. LLP, Chartered Accountants (Registration no. 100515W)

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UTI Mutual Fund – Top Fund Managers

Mr Amit Premchandani

Mr Amit Premchandani, Senior Vice President and Fund Manager-With a rich and diverse experience of over 15 years, the fund manager has research and strategic expertise across different sectors like telecommunication and NBFCs. He has worked with the banking and financial sector for JP Morgan, Deutsche Securities and Peerless Finance, respectively.

Mr Vetri Subramaniam

Mr Vetri Subramaniam, Chief Investment Officer, An extensive experience of over 26 years led to him establishing a strong governance team at Invesco. He launched many offshore funds in Japan, Mauritius and Luxembourg with his excellent track record and performance. He has worked with various firms like Kotak Mahindra, Motilal Oswal and SSKI.

Mr Amandeep Chopra

Mr Amandeep Chopra, Group President and Head of Income,  is an elite awardee for a list of awards like Best Debt Fund Manager, Best Debt Fund House and the funds under his managerial sense. He has served with the company since 1994. He has served on various committees like the Executive Investment Committee, Valuation Committee and Management Committee of the AMC. He even consults with India’s Securities & Exchange Board (SEBI).

Mr Ajay Tyagi

Mr Ajay Tyagi, Head of Equities, joined the AMC in 2000 and served different roles and responsibilities across equity research, offshore funds, and domestic onshore funds. He was awarded a series of accolades and recognition for his performance. Being an investment advisor on the panel, he has helped funds prove their mettle time and again.