5 Must-Have Services From Your Broker

5 Must-Have Services From Your Broker

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by 5paisa Research Team Last Updated: 2022-03-29T18:17:29+05:30

In the world of trading, things would have become highly complicated without brokers. It is thanks to brokers that the financial markets run efficiently. As the middle-man, a broker is the enabler for every trade that you want to make. Hence, a broker is quite important to every investor.

Who are stock brokers?

Stock brokers are the registered and licensed representatives of an exchange in the stock market. They help traders by putting forth their request in the share markets and also help settle the transactions. Besides investing in stocks, they can also assist in purchasing and selling financial assets at in exchange for a fee, called brokerage. The brokerage varies amongst different brokers based on the terms of the services availed.

Basic services to seek from a broker

Brokers offer you a number of services. If you wish to build wealth through the financial markets, do ensure that your broker provides these 5 basic services.

  1. Tips

    Your broker is responsible for providing you with regular share trading tips and to answer all your questions on subjects such as trading accounts, portfolio securities, and online trading.

  2. Guidance

    Besides offering guidance on how to buy shares online, he should also recommend the best online trading sites to enable you to learn and grow.

  3. Financial planning

    Your broker should be well-equipped to help you attain your investment objectives once you provide them with the necessary information about your financial goals. They should also offer you the option of tax-saving investments along with short-term investment options which will help you accomplish your financial goals.

  4. Timely action

    A broker should be able to carry out your trading decisions at the earliest. Not executing orders in time may decrease profitability or in worst cases, increase losses.

  5. Client support

Due to technical and human errors, you may often run into tiny problems despite no fault of your own. Choose a broker that provides client support and solves all such problems in a hassle-free manner at the earliest.

Personal brokers take care of all your investment needs. They also expose you to platforms that carry out fundamental research and also provide you with tools for technical analysis. Today, most people look for Online stock brokers who can share market basics with them in the course of trading. 5Paisa.com is one such broker, which also charges a flat brokerage no matter the size of the transaction, who will assist you with your trading requirements while helping you learn and grow into an intelligent investor.

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