5 Things to Actively Remember to Improve Trading

5 Things to Actively Remember to Improve Trading

Indian Market
by 5paisa Research Team Last Updated: 2022-03-30T10:27:42+05:30

“With enough insider information and a million dollars, you can go broke in a year.”

-Warren Buffett

These words of Warren Buffet, the world’s most successful investor, highlight the fact that you need years of dedication, practice, penance to be a good trader. Most of the individuals around us are trading, and we notice a difference in every trader's thoughts, strategy and actions. Further, establishing our strong hold into the vast trading ground requires our proposition to be unique. Being a hard worker does not always matter, but smart work does matter. Here are things one can do to improve your trading.

Control your adrenaline

Controlling emotions are the most critical part of enhancing your trading skill set. If you experience an adrenaline rush while trading, something is wrong. The main objective of trading in the markets is to make money and eliminating emotions while trading is the first step to make money. Hence, you need to follow some rules and gain the basic knowledge of how markets operate; it will take you a step closer to achieving your trading goals. Having a gambler approach is as fatal as believing in hope and luck. Trading should not be treated as a hobby; it should be given the status of being your own business.

Upgrade your knowledge of technical indicators

Learning about technical indicators and mapping the trend can make you understand the stock market better. Technical indicators such as moving averages, volume, volatility, momentum, etc. are essential tools to study and understand. Online trading sites such as 5paisa.com help you understand the graphs, which help in spotting market trends. Technical analysis at your fingertips increases your probability of having a successful trade.

Do not follow anyone

Always trade keeping in mind that there is a smarter lot who is trading and making money. However, you need not follow anyone, be true to your plan, keep upgrading your knowledge and act accordingly. Trade safe! Taking risk is a part of trading, but the risk should always be controlled, and in your capacity. Also, keep an eye on your portfolio, as a better portfolio means a greater probability of successful trade.

Trading tips do not ensure success

Taking tips or believing in rumors is not always a wise idea. Every business news or media tip that you feel should be followed must be backed by correct information. You might come across instances when one news channel recommends Buy on a particular stock and the other recommends Sell on the same. Every person has a different perspective on the market, as there is no such term as ‘know-it-all’ in the stock market. One must commit mistakes, learn from them and create a future strategy. Scrutinize every tip before believing it. Always be diligent in order to avoid regret.

Paper Trading

Practicing trading online is an important task to accomplish before trading in huge numbers.  Pilots spend time practicing in a simulator before they fly a plane. One should do similarly before making a real trade. Paper trading means using simulated trading to practice buying and selling stocks, without the actual money being involved. While a paper trade can be made by only keeping track of hypothetical trading positions, it usually consists of the use of a stock market simulator that has a virtually recreated stock market for investors of all levels to perfect their trading skills.

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