Advanced Investments To Get Rich Quick

Advanced Investments To Get Rich Quick

All of us want to become financially secure. We look for ways that aren’t very risky but promise high returns. These four options could help you increase your potential of earning profits.

Currency derivatives

These are F&O contracts where the buyers and sellers exchange one currency for another at a particular price in the future. It is an excellent hedging opportunity for importers and exporters alike. Even a slight change in the currency rates can lead to enormous profits. Another advantage of currency derivatives is that it gives lucrative arbitrage opportunities. Arbitrage opportunities allow the trader to simultaneously buy and sell the currency inter-market to gain profits from small price differences.

Mutual funds

Investing in mutual funds is one of the best modes of securing your finances and range from debt-based funds to equity-based funds as well as mixed products. They have easy as well as complex structures, suited for all investors. They also provide you an opportunity to invest into the funds of your own choice at different price points. Mutual fund managers make tailor-made portfolios for clients, which helps the latter make more profits in less time, eventually, making them rich.

Intraday trading

Intraday trading is another way to increase one’s wealth in a short period of time. As the name suggests, it is the process of buying and selling stocks on the same day, or within a day’s time (i.e. without getting delivery of shares) during the trading hours (9:30 AM to 3:30 PM in India). Intraday trading provides enormous profits if the right stocks are chosen. It is successful only if proper research is done. Also, it is essential to follow the market trend to decide which stocks to buy. One must trade in liquid markets rather than volatile markets. Let’s assume that after proper research, you buy 100 shares at the start of the day at Rs1,000/share. At the end of the day, its price increases to Rs1,100. It will benefit the trader with Rs10,000. A combination of the above strategy will incur profits and make the trader richer.

Futures and Options

Futures trading is the contract to buy or sell an underlying asset on a specific date in the future at a predetermined price. The buyer and seller of the contracts are obligated to relinquish them at the decided future date. In the future, there will, most likely, be a change in the price of the asset. If the market price of the asset increases, the buyer earns a profit. On the other hand, if it decreases, the seller benefits.

Contrary to this, options trading does not force the buyer or seller to sell the asset at the predetermined date. However, it gives them a right to trade. Options trading requires the buyer to pay a premium. If the contract gets canceled, the buyer will only lose the premium. Whereas, a thriving trade will either make the buyer or the seller rich.

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