Top Sleeper Stocks to Invest

Top Sleeper Stocks to Invest
Top Sleeper Stocks to Invest

by Tanushree Jaiswal Last Updated: Sep 07, 2023 - 05:09 pm 335 Views

What is the Sleeper Stocks?

Sleeper stock is a kind of stocks in which there is little investor interest but that has significant potential to gain in price once its attractions are recognized.

Why Should You Invest in Sleeper Stocks?

Although riding the fads of the week might be alluring on many levels, investors looking for long-term success should think about the best sleeper stocks to buy. For whatever reason, there is extremely little investor interest in these securities. They do, however, have a large upside potential and can reward wise investors who are ready to ignore the hype.

One of the safest ways to enter the stock market at the moment may be to purchase cheap stocks. Increasing economic constraints may cause a correction for several popular names right now. Consequently, obtaining well-liked concepts could leave you holding the bag. You run a smaller danger of it happening if you invest in sleeper stocks that have promise. Furthermore, the public should finally pay attention to real must-buy sleeper stocks.

How to identify the Sleeper stocks?

According to the definition of the term "Sleeper," it refers to a stock that generates numerous bags or a return of more than 100%. There are small-cap stocks that, in the actual world, produce returns that are many times more than the cost of purchase. We all wish we could predict what will happen in the future. It would enable us to evaluate the performance of our preferred stock and determine whether it is a sleeper. Unfortunately, reel life is the only place where such things may exist.

It is crucial to recognize that such incredible returns don't occur suddenly in real life. You would need patience and persistence to get from a small-cap to a mid-cap and then to a large-cap share. Additionally, you need an eye for possibility.

Here are some aspects that would help you identify potential sleeper stocks:

• Take a look at what the sector has to offer.
• Take a look at the company's line of products.
• Verify the amount of debt.
•  Analyse the earnings and value.
•  Look for possibilities in the future.

Overview of the Top Sleeper Stocks to invest in India

S.No. Name CMP As of Jul 23 P/E Mar Cap Rs.Cr. Div Yld %

1 Coal India 229.9 5.2 141681.14 10.53 71.43 2.48
2 West Coast Paper 619.6 4.04 4092.47 1.58 61.75 1.62
3 Cochin Minerals 239.2 3.74 187.28 3.33 61.47 1.26
4 Baroda Rayon 164 1.46 375.75 0 60.89 1.26
5 Avonmore Capital 79.75 12.48 186.24 0 59.54 0.67
6 Crest Ventures 238.05 19.34 677.24 0.42 58.63 0.69
7 Andhra Paper 463 3.26 1841.32 2.73 51.95 1.16
8 Diamines & Chem. 477.45 12.16 466.93 1.26 48.4 3.48
9 C P C L 384.1 3.29 5719.69 7.04 45.54 0.9
10 Lords Chloro 165.4 13.48 415.97 0 44.19 2.45

In conclusion, Sleeper stocks are the preferences of investors. They provide many rewards and maintain the health of your portfolio. However, it is preferable to complete your homework or speak with your financial counsellor before making any investment decisions.

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