Top Losers BSE

Top Losers BSE are stocks that tend to close at a lower price than they opened at/their prior close price in an intraday market. Take a quick look at the top loser on the BSE

List of Top Losers on BSE

Company Name LTP GAIN(%) Day's Low Day's High Days Volume
Wipro 407.70 -1.3 % 406.45 414.00 723888 Trade
M & M 1626.70 -1.3 % 1621.65 1665.65 151271 Trade
Maruti Suzuki 10564.85 -0.4 % 10537.10 10750.00 24771 Trade
IndusInd Bank 1461.15 -0.4 % 1458.50 1493.15 199459 Trade
Tech Mahindra 1217.10 -0.3 % 1212.00 1226.35 136691 Trade
Kotak Mah. Bank 1750.80 -0.3 % 1747.60 1765.85 545361 Trade
HDFC Bank 1555.50 -0.2 % 1551.60 1565.55 1238082 Trade
Infosys 1452.25 -0.2 % 1446.05 1460.40 697935 Trade
Bharti Airtel 1012.90 -0.2 % 1008.00 1022.10 403513 Trade
Titan Company 3488.55 -0.1 % 3470.00 3507.95 38589 Trade



What Are BSE Losers?

The BSE, formerly known as the Bombay Stock Exchange, is Asia’s oldest stock exchange. Its stock index is called BSE SENSEX and depicts the market standing of the top 30 companies listed on BSE. The shares of these 30 companies listed on BSE are traded daily in the stock market. As a result of many factors, the stock price of these shares goes up and down throughout the day.

A Loser is a share that has not performed well in the stock market on a particular day. A share or security is termed a Loser if its stock price at market closing time was less than its stock price when the market opened. As opposed to BSE Gainers [SR2] , BSE Losers are the stocks whose prices have declined in a specific time period. 

SENSEX Losers: The BSE SENSEX is a free-float stock market index that gives the market standing of BSE in real-time. Traders keep a close watch on the list of BSE Top Losers today as these are the securities that see a decline in their stock price. Doing so helps in steering clear of high-risk investments and losses.

BSE Losers are indirectly related to the BSE SENSEX. This is how the movement of BSE top gainers affects BSE SENSEX:

A rise in the number of BSE Losers causes the SENSEX to fall.
A decline in the number of BSE Losers means that more stocks have gained value, resulting in the rise of the SENSEX

How Are the Top Losers in BSE Determined?

Depending on the purpose of stock analysis, one can determine the price movement on the securities listed under the National Stock Exchange for any fixed time period - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and so on. However, the most common time interval to calculate losses is daily or in real-time.

The top Losers today in BSE can be determined by calculating and comparing the losses on the price of a stock today. This value is determined in terms of percentage using this formula:
                           Current Price - Opening Price
BSE Loss   =     ----------------------------------------   x  100% 
                                        Opening Price

To determine the BSE Losers today, two metrics can be considered - volume and value. Volume is the number of shares of a company/security traded in a day. Every transaction of shares between share traders contributes to this number. The other metric is value, in which the stock is at a higher price point than earlier. A decline in either or both of these metrics can lead to a BSE loss. 

Share market experts and analysts like to watch lists such as Today Top Losers of BSE to determine whose share value is decreasing and why.

How To Use the BSE India Top Losers List?

The BSE India Top Losers List is a compilation of the stocks that have witnessed the largest decline in value. This list is available online and updated by BSE in real-time. The market loss for each BSE Loser is expressed in percentage change. Features such as toggle and sort can help you find out the SENSEX Top Losers today based on filters such as loss percentage, daily/weekly/monthly performance, and deliverables.

Investors with considerable trading experience will tell you that analyzing the top Losers share today in BSE can help you in:

•    Finding out the lowest-performing stocks in BSE
•    Planning your trading strategies to avoid major losses
•    Keeping track of the low-risk and high-risk securities
•    Determining whether the loss is temporary or consistent
•    Projecting which shares are likely to perform poorly in the long-term

Keep track of the lowest BSE performers to plan your investment strategy and steer clear of major losses with 5Paisa! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to invest in BSE top losers using 5paisa app? 

The app enables 5paisa users to trade while on the go. Here is how to use the app:
●    Install the app by downloading it from the app stores.
●    Access the app using your customer ID and password.
●    You can transfer money between your bank account and trading account by clicking the "Pay-in" button.
●    Look up the BSE top-losers stocks you want. 
●    Set up a buy/sell order.

How to identify BSE losers stocks? 

When market indices are falling, it is more likely that there will be more losers than winners. BSE India categorizes and publishes the top BSE gainers and BSE losers on the market and updates this data in real-time. They are expressed using both absolute and percentage terms. Viewing the BSE losers through a sharp lens is crucial to recognize them more clearly. One could examine the top BSE losers among the BSE 50 mid-sized stocks. Even better, one can sort the stocks by price to find the worst-performing ones, such as the worst penny stocks, etc.

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