5 swing trading ideas for the week

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Last Updated: 2022-08-08T18:41:17+05:30

5paisa.com analysts have been providing the best stock ideas periodically to help investors decide on their trading and investing strategies better. We provide 5 best momentum stocks to buy every morning and 5 best buy today sell tomorrow (BTST) ideas during the last trading hour.

Best swing trading ideas

Before using our swing trading ideas let us understand what is swing trading. Swing trading is a type of trading which tries to catch short- to medium-term gains in a share over a period of a few days to several weeks. 5paisa analysts use sophisticated technical analysis tools to find the best BTST ideas that provide best trading options to traders.

Best swing trading ideas for this week

Here are the best swing trading ideas for this week. Happy trading!

Swing trading idea 1


Current Market Price (CMP): 831.15          

Stop Loss (SL): 815        

Target Price (TP): 885

Holding Period: one week

Reasons: Renewed buying seen

Swing trading idea 2

Indo Count Industries (ICIL)

Current Market Price (CMP):276.65

Stop Loss (SL): 270        

Target Price (TP): 293

Holding Period: one week

Reasons: Renewed buying with strong volumes seen


Swing trading idea 3


Current Market Price (CMP): 1267     

Stop Loss (SL): 1230        

Target Price (TP): 1350

Holding Period: one week

Reasons: Uptrend likely to resume


Swing trading idea 4


Current Market Price (CMP): 4147

Stop Loss (SL): 4090        

Target Price (TP): 4370

Holding Period: one week

Reasons: Expect momentum to get stronger


Swing trading idea 5


Current Market Price (CMP): 8977

Stop Loss (SL): 8600        

Target Price (TP): 9450

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