Here are ten trading barriers that you need to overcome

Here are ten trading barriers that you need to overcome

Indian Market
by 5paisa Research Team Last Updated: 2022-12-14T04:50:54+05:30

Many want to trade in the share markets but are unable to due to a variety of reasons. 5Paisa highlights the ten obstacles that hinder people from trading. A few of these hurdles are materialistic, while the others are psychological. Let’s take a look at them.

1.    Time

The Indian share markets remain open from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm Monday through Friday. However, most people have a day job and cannot take out the time to indulge in the markets.

2.    Capital

It is important that one has a decent corpus available to invest in the share market. The more money one has, the better are the chances to diversify and earn more. However, we can always start trading with an amount in penny stocks.

3.    Trading account or broker

Once we find the time and the money, the next step is to find a good broker and a trading account to start trading. For this, you can visit 5Paisa, where you can open your trading account in minutes and enjoy the best broking at a flat brokerage of Rs10.

4.    Knowledge

Knowledge is something without which we cannot survive for long in the any industry. Hence, it is imperative that we know about the different trading techniques and strategies. Many a times, people just enter the share market without any knowledge and end up making massive losses.

5.    Fear

If you are afraid of losing your money, then the share market is not the right place for you. You should not give a second thought after investing as it will create stress. Fear of taking risks will not help in this avenue as the returns are directly proportional to the risks.

6.    Short-term thinking

Having a mind-set of investing today and getting profits tomorrow doesn’t always work in the share market. The share market is volatile, and it is not necessary that we always earn money through short-term techniques. To sustain in the markets, avoid thinking short-term and concentrate on your long-term goals.

7.    Handling failure or losses

To reiterate, it is not necessary that you will always make a profit in the share market. You should have the courage to handle losses as well. Learning from your mistakes and turning around your losses into profits using that experience is a sign of a real trader.

8.    Greed

Huge profits always attract people and the stock market is a place where people can become millionaires in a short period. However, people with a desire to earn huge profits many a times end up taking a blind risk, which is highly probable to lead to a heavy loss.

9.    Impatience

Patience is the fundamental tool to success in the share market. Impatience leads to wrong decision-making and people lose the opportunity to earn good profits by that much. Good traders invest their money then hold and watch.

10.    Myth of making easy money through the share market

There is a myth that the share market is a place to earn money easily. This is the worst assumption one can keep in mind before starting to invest. Trading in the share market requires skills as well as extreme knowledge related to investment products and techniques. Also, meticulous market research is necessary before investing in the markets.


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