How to Read a CIBIL Report

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In a growing era of automation, financial institutions have risen as an essential industry. Given the introduction of e-wallets, e-banking, EMIs, and credit cards, consumers make purchases numerous times a day. Although these help in seamless transactions, it is easy to lose track of your finances. 

A CIBIL Report can help comprehensively analyse your expenses. A CIBIL score is a numeric overview of your credit record. A good credit score has various benefits in terms of interest rates and credibility as a buyer. It is crucial to know how to read a Cibil report to understand your position in the credit landscape.

How to Read CIBIL Score

To understand your CIBIL Credit Information Report and estimate your score, follow the provided guidelines.


Your CIBIL score will appear in the first segment of your CIBIL report. The score ranges from 300-900. This 3-digit number is calculated on the basis of your credit card usage, previous payment history, ongoing commitments and credit card access. It reflects your creditworthiness.  A good credit score can affect your loan applications, insurance, and even professional credibility. On some occasions, it might show NH or NA. This usually means that you have not availed yourself of any loans. It can also indicate no credit history. This is also true when you do not possess a credit card. Keep reading the article for further details on how to read cibil score.

Personal Information

The next section will have your details like name, gender and birthdate. It will also have vital identity data. These can be:
    • PAN
    • Aadhaar Number
    • Driver's license
    • Passport Number
    • Voter ID Number

It is suggested that you verify and check all the details thoroughly. In case of any error or changes, you should notify the authorities. They will update your information accordingly.

Contact Information

Your contact information segment will have your mobile or telephone number, email address, and address. Your addresses can be your office address as well as permanent and residential address. The lender presents these details based on the provided data. Your contact information also carries your historical information till four renewals.

Employment Information

This portion covers your employment details. It also displays your income as shared while opening an account for the credit facility.

Account Information

The portion containing your account details is the most important segment of your CIBIL score. If you are eager to know how to read a credit report, you must understand this section. This part of your report bears all the current information regarding your loans, payment history and credit cards. The data presented here influences your credit score. You will find a table with the following details:

1. Lender Name
2. Kind of credit product
3. Ownership type
4. Account Number
5. Account Opening Date
6. Last Payment Date
7. Loan Amount
8. Outstanding Balance
9. Monthly record of Payments
10. The DPP or Days Past Due 

The DPD reflects the number of days a payment is due. Good values in this column are STD or 000. XXX denotes no reception for payment information.

Red Box

You might find a red box on top of the account details. This occurs when there is a dispute in account information. It also shows the date of the discourse. The box can be removed after conflict resolution.

Enquiry information

• The final section has information about any current inquiry placed by you or a lender. A CIBIL score check is created each time you perform a credit-based inquiry. The system records these in the credit report. The details required for entry are 
• Name of Lender
• Application Date
• Loan type
• Loan Amount

Going overboard in enquiries can present you as a risky candidate.

Credit Score Range

If you are eager to know how to read credit score reports, understanding the range and denotations of a report is necessary. It is present in the table below:

CIBIL Score Credit reliability Loan Approval Chances
Less than 599 Requires immediate action Extremely difficult
Between 600-649 Doubtful Difficult
Between 650-699 Satisfactory Possible
Between 700-749 Good Good
From 750-900 Excellent Very good

CIBIL Score is calculated by putting a 30 per cent value to your payment history, 24 per cent to your credit usage, 25 per cent to duration and type of credit, and 20 per cent to a number of credit enquiries and accounts.


Key Deductions

Earlier, the general public associated the requirement CIBIL score with expensive purchases. But it is much more than that. Your credit score can avail you benefits in different areas like, like easy loan applications, diverse insurance benefits and much more. A quality score on your CIBIL Credit Information Report will enhance also allow you to manage your expenses. It is thus crucial to know how to read a CIBIL report to track credits and resolve any discrepancies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your CIBIL score is calculated by allotting weightage to factors like your credit usage, payment history, enquiries and credit type. The score is a three-digit number with values ranging from 600-900. The respective weights are:
    • Credit usage – 25%
    • Payment history- 30%
    • Enquiries- 20%
    • Credit Type- 25%

You can compare your CIBIL score range by tallying the score on your report with the provided reference. 
    • A score below 600 is a Poor score
    • A score between 600-649 is Doubtful
    • A score ranging from 650-699 is satisfactory
    • A score from 700-749 is a good civil score.
    • Any score between 750 to 900 denotes an excellent credit score.

It is, unfortunately, almost impossible to avail of a home loan with a CIBIL score of 0. Most banks prefer a score between 700-750 to sanction a loan. Nonetheless some banks and NBFC lenders consider income proof, employment details and credit appraisal and grant loans with 0 CIBIL score.