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Last Updated: 27 Mar, 2024 03:31 PM IST


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Online Trading in India

Online trading in India is at the brink of a revolution. Powered by cutting-edge technology, online stock trading is set to receive a makeover. Whether you are a long-time investor or a part-time trader, you can now invest in any asset class with the click of a button.


What is Online Trading?

Online stock trading, or online trading, is buying and selling stocks on an online platform. 5paisa provides real-time reports on your gains and losses. Take advantage of industry insights, benchmark comparison reports, and suggestions to improve your online stock trading practices.


How to Start Online Trading in India?

Listed below are the simple 4 steps to start online trading and begin with your investment journey in stock market –

A) Selecting a stock broker – A stock broker is a depository participant who acts as a mediator between investor and stock exchanges. A stock broker provides facility to open a Demat and Trading Account to use the online trading platforms and store the shares bought. There are two types of brokers in India – Full-service brokers & discount brokers (Explained below). Ever brokers charge certain fees as charges, that’s called as “brokerage charges”. Full service brokers charge fees depending upon the volume of trades whereas a discount broker charges flat fee irrespective of the trade volume. While selecting the broker you must check brokerage charges and all other charges applicable.


B) Open a Demat & Trading Account – Once you select the broker you need to open a Demat Account and a trading account. Account opening procedure differs from broker to broker. Thanks to the technology that has made an online demat account opening easy and hassle-free these days. Fill your personal details, submit documents, add bank details and you will have your account activated in just few hours once all your details are verified.


C) Understanding Online Trading Platforms – Once you choose the best broker and have your demat account functional, the next step is to understanding their trading platforms. Many brokers these days provide multiple platforms for trading in stock market, such as – mobile trading apps, desktop based and browser based software, downlodable software, etc. Go through all those and select the one that you feel is easy to use anywhere you go. 5paisa provides such great mobile trading app with features to trade in stocks, mutual funds, commodities, currencies and can be used anywhere anytime.


D) Start Trading Online – Now you are all ready to start trading and get your online trading experience. Using these powerful trading platforms and getting the basic knowledge of stock market you can do your research. Check which stocks are trending, add those in your watchlist, keep tracking the news around those. Once you select a share, you can place your buy/sell orders.


Is it Safe to Trade Online?

Here are some safety measures to keep you safe and worry-free so that you can focus on investing in the right places:

1. Know Your Stock Broker
Make sure you have researched your online trading platform well. Before sharing any of your personal information, conduct thorough research and do not ignore any red flags. You can refer to the list of DEMAT account providers on the official websites of NSDL and CDSL. 

2. Enter the Web Address Manually
To avoid entering a fake or look-alike website created by tricksters, enter the web address of your online trading platform in the address bar manually.

3. Go through the privacy policy document
Many investors often tend to skip the boring, lengthy policy terms. However, when it comes to online trading, read the clauses of the privacy policy so that you can save yourself a lot of unexpected trouble.

4. Check for SSL Protection
A small padlock icon in the address bar means that the online stock trading platform is protected by a Secure Socket Layer or SSL Certification.

What is an Online Trading App?

A online trading app is a mobile application on which you can buy and sell stocks and invest in other assets online. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. All the features of online trading are now available at your fingertips with the new 5paisa app. Stay on top of all share market updates with 5paisa, the best stock market trading app in India.


Trading Apps - The Future of Online Trading

With a clean UI, a smart auto-investing advisory feature, and real-time market updates, 5paisa’s trading app is built to always keep you ahead in the trading game. Step into the future of online trading with 5paisa’s secure online trading app.


5paisa Trading App – The Only Trading App You Will Ever Need

With 5paisa trading app, you can now make all your investments through a single account. What makes 5paisa the best mobile trading app:

•    You can now build intelligent portfolios based on smart stock suggestions by experts
•    Valuable and timely actionable idea inputs to buy/sell for intraday, short term, and long term
•    Access to research on 4000+ stocks so that you can make an informed investment decision

What is a Discount Broker?

A discount broker provides online trading platforms at discounted rates as compared to a full-service broker. The catch? None! They rather provide you an opportunity to learn stock trading on your own and make your investment decision with the help of your own research. Now enjoy the rewards of investing in stocks at discounted rates that will send you over the moon with joy!


5paisa – India's Fastest Growing Discount Broker

5paisa is now the most trusted name in Indian Discount Broking Industry. Want to know what makes us the best? By investing with us you will get - 

1.    An all-in-one investment account for all your asset classes and a customized portfolio
2.    ZERO percent, that’s right, 0% brokerage fee!
3.    NO commission is charged on mutual fund investments
4.    Real time analytics on gains and losses, and smart predictions based on years of data collection and statistical research
5.    Invest from anywhere – Seamless integration on mobile and desktop using Omni-Channel Support
6.    Advanced charts and a multi-asset watchlist for in-depth analysis of trends

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