Bond and Debenture

Bonds and debentures are investments where investors lend money to governments or corporations with the assurance that the principal amount will be repaid with interest at a future date. 

Read and understand the basics of Bonds and debentures and make secured fixed income successful investments.

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What is Bond Yield?

The financial market can be a risky affair. Amidst the high-risk investment options, investors and borrowers often get perplexed about managing their finances in a safe manner. Thankfully, bond yield renders them an opportunity of making a safe investment....

What Is Coupon Bond?

Coupon bonds are typically a form of bond that is used to make fixed interest rate payments. These fixed interest rate payments are also known as coupons that need to be paid off at a frequency that is predetermined by the participating parties...

Government Bonds India

Government bonds in India are investment instruments the Central Government of India issues under the debt category for investors ....

Types of Bonds

Types of Bonds refer to different categories of bonds based on their issuer, maturity period, and interest rate. One can classify bonds into ...

Tax-Free Bonds

Tax-free bonds are debt instruments issued by the Indian government or its authorised entities, such as public sector undertakings (PSUs) and infrastructure companies. These...

Masala Bonds

Masala Bonds, a flavorful blend of finance and culture, have emerged as an innovative financial instrument in the global marketplace...

Difference Between Bond and Debentures

Financing is necessary for all companies, including small enterprises, established businesses, and government entities, to effectively carry out their operations...

Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCB)

Foreign currency convertible bonds are generally issued by major, publicly traded multinational corporations operating all over the world...

Difference Between Zero Coupon Bonds and Deep Discount Bonds

Understanding the distinctions between zero coupon bonds and deep discount bonds is essential for investors navigating the bond market.

State Government Guarantee Bond

State Government Guarantee Bonds are financial instruments backed by the guarantee of a state government.

What is Clean Price and Dirty Price in Bonds?

Floating Rate Bonds

Floating rate bonds, also known as variable rate bonds, are debt instruments where the interest rate periodically adjusts based on a reference rate, such as the RBI's repo rate or the Mumbai Interbank Offered Rate (MIBOR).

PSU Bonds

PSU bonds, or Public Sector Undertaking bonds, are financial instruments issued by government-owned corporations to raise capital for various projects or operational needs.