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Mutual funds are an extremely popular investment instrument in India. When you invest in a mutual fund, a folio number will be generated against it. You can easily check the mutual fund statement by folio number. 
The unique identification number is useful for tracking the performance and gathering various other information about a mutual fund. Dive into this article to discover more details about the folio number and how to check mutual fund status with folio number. 

What is the Folio Number in a Mutual Fund?

A folio number is a unique number generated by an AMC when you invest in a mutual fund. The folio number is linked to your Permanent Account Number (PAN). Remember that your PAN card is an essential document for KYC verification during mutual fund investments.

The folio number can be numeric or alphanumeric. Every time you make an investment, a folio number will get generated, even if it is in the same AMC. Since keeping track of multiple folio numbers can be a little confusing, you can request the AMC to consolidate them all into one folio number. 


Who Decides and Allocates the Folio Number?

If you invest in a mutual fund through an AMC, having a unique folio number status is mandatory. Before you start the investment, the AMC will ask you to provide details about it. All the details are used to create a unique folio number, and it will be allotted to you.

Subsequently, you will get the entire investment details with a folio number check. You will be able to get the mutual fund statement by folio number anytime you want. 

Advantages of Having a Folio Number

Having a folio number can help investors with the following benefits:

●    Tracing funds deposited in various plans
●    Accessing transacting history and obtaining the mutual fund account statement by folio number
●    Avoiding repetitive KYC processes with the same fund house
●    Saving time and avoiding hassle by eliminating the need to note multiple account numbers
●    Helping the AMC to determine the unit holder's authenticity

Where Do I Locate My Folio Number for a Particular AMC?

Now you know that it is possible to check the mutual fund statement by folio number. But where can you find the folio number? You will be able to spot your unique folio number in the following places:

The top corner of your CAS provided to you periodically by your AMC contains the folio number. 

●    You will get a mutual fund account statement for transacting through SIPs or lump sum investments. You will also find the folio number in that statement. 
●    You can call the toll-free number of the AMC or send them an email to get the folio number.
●    You can visit the office of your AMC to ask for the folio number.  

Ways to Check Mutual Fund Status with Folio Number

The different ways to check mutual fund status with folio number are as follows:

1.    Check Your Mutual Fund Status Online

You can get the mutual fund statement by folio number from the website and app of your AMC. The official websites or apps will provide you with details regarding the mutual fund transaction history, balance, and more. 

2.    Check Fund Status Through AMC Customer Care

If you don't consider yourself a tech-savvy person, you can always visit the AMC's office to check the mutual fund statement by folio number. You will also be required to provide your PAN number to get the details. Moreover, you can also call or email customer care of AMC to learn about the mutual fund folio status. 
The customer care representatives will ask for your details, and once they are verified, you will get the information you need. 

3.    Check the Status Through Registrar's Website

Some websites of registrars also enable the folio number check. You can register on the websites using your mobile number and PAN number to get the information you need.

4.    Contact Your Broker to Check Status

Several investors invest in mutual funds through a broker. If you are not so sure about how to check mutual fund status with a PAN number, you should simply contact your broker. The broker will get in touch with the AMC and provide your folio number and PAN number to acquire mutual fund investment details for you. 
The broker can also provide you with valuable details regarding the performance of your funds. Remember that your mutual fund investments are affected by market movements. Contacting your broker will help you gain real-time updates about your investments. 

5.    Check Through Consolidated Account Statement

In India, two depositories are responsible for collecting and analyzing the investment of every individual. The two depositories are the Central Depository Services Limited (CSDL) and the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). 

Individuals with a demat account invest in stocks and receive a consolidated account statement every month from these depositories. The account statement is usually sent via email. The statements clearly provide information about folio-wise mutual fund performance and help investors check mutual fund balance. 

In a nutshell, you can easily check your mutual fund status with folio number. You should also keep your PAN number and mobile number in front of you to gather the details you need. Apart from providing you with details about your investment, the folio number also makes it convenient to make transactions like buying, selling, or switching between different mutual fund schemes. Therefore, you should always get the folio number while investing in mutual funds.   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is necessary to have a folio number for investing in mutual funds. The folio number serves as a mutual fund portfolio tracker. 

The folio number details for every mutual fund or AMC will be different. Therefore, an investor can have multiple folio numbers. 

The folio number is a unique identification number for checking mutual fund status. But an investor can merge different folio numbers into one by contacting the AMC. 

The folio number status is essential for mutual fund unit redemption. It helps identify an investor's holdings. 

The folio number details are often necessary for tax purposes. The folio tracker for mutual funds is useful for monitoring investments and transactions for tax reporting.  

If you want to download your mutual fund status with folio number, you will have to visit the website or mobile app of your fund house. You can also request the customer care of the fund house for a copy of the online mutual fund statement with the folio number.  

An AMC assigns a unique folio number to every mutual fund investment. Therefore, you will have a different folio number for every mutual fund investment. You can check each mutual fund statement by folio number.

You might have multiple folio numbers for your investments in the same mutual fund. It happens when you buy extra units in the fund via different modes like online, offline, or via a broker. In this case, every mode will generate a unique folio number.