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The PAN Card is mandatory for many processes involving financial transactions like opening a bank account, purchasing property, or starting a business. The government has made it compulsory to link the Aadhar with the PAN to streamline the financial history of every Indian citizen or entity. Considering its importance, applying and tracking a PAN application, be it new or duplicate, can become a regular task till one receives it. Thankfully, there are numerous, easy means that make the process of tracking convenient.

There was a time when applying for a PAN card was a tedious and lengthy procedure. One had to go to the designated PAN centre, fill out a form, stand in queues, and submit the application. The PAN would arrive by post after a month. There were no means of tracking the application. If there was a mistake or misplacement of the card, it would be another tedious process to get everything in order. 

Digitization has reduced the time and effort of this procedure significantly. Now, one can apply, verify, and check the status of a PAN application online or by contacting customer care, by email, or even by SMS. The Income Tax department has made everything available online at the tip of our fingers for a stress-free and user-friendly experience.

How to Check PAN Card Status through NSDL and UTIITSL?

One cannot imagine a world without digitization, which was made possible by the internet. All government institutions had to keep up with the changing digital age. The Income Tax department has also updated all its procedures so that everything is now available online to the taxpayer. 

All the procedures have been reduced to the minimum including those involving the PAN application. One can instantly check their PAN status on the NSDL and UTIITSL portals which are authorized by the IT - department. 


If you wish to check the PAN status at the NSDL portal, follow these steps.

1. Visit the NSDL’s official PAN tracking website at

2. Under ‘Application Type’, select ‘PAN New/Change Request.’

3. In the next field that says ‘Acknowledgement Number’, enter the 15-digit acknowledgement number. 

ou received this number while applying for the New or Duplicate PAN.

4. Enter the captcha code in the box below to verify the PAN Card application status.

5.Click on the submit button.

6. You will be able to see the status of your application on the screen.


If you wish to check your PAN application status on the UTIITSL portal follow these steps.

1. Visit

2. In case of a new PAN Application enter the ‘Application Coupon Number’. In the case of a Duplicate

PAN Application, enter the PAN Number.

3. Enter the captcha code.

4. Click on the ‘Submit’ button.

5. The status of your application will be displayed on the screen.

What is the PAN acknowledgement number?

When you apply for a PAN card, a 15-digit number is generated automatically. This is a unique number allotted to your application known as the PAN Acknowledgement number. As the name suggests, it is proof of your application and can be used to track the status of your PAN application. You can also use this number to download your e-PAN card.

How to check PAN status using the Name and Date of Birth?

This method allows you to check if your PAN Card is active and if the details on the card match those in the PAN database. Follow these simple steps to check your PAN status.

1. Visit the official income-tax E-filing website 

2. Under the ‘Quick Links’ section select ‘Verify your PAN Details’

3. Fill in the required fields like PAN, Name, and Date of birth, and select status as applicable.

4. Enter the captcha if all details entered are accurate.

5. On the new page, you will see the status “Your PAN is active and the details match PAN database”.

How to Check PAN Card Application Status Using SMS Service?

This method is the simplest and most handy of all the methods to check the PAN application status.

1. Send NSDL PAN with a ‘15 digit acknowledgement number’ as an SMS to 57575.
2. The applicant will receive a notification SMS regarding the status of the PAN.

How to check PAN Card application status on phone? 

You can check the status of your PAN Card application by simply calling on +91 - 20 - 272178080. This is the customer care number of the NSDL. Alternatively, you can also call on +91- 33- 40802999, the customer care number of UTIITSL. You will have to share your PAN Application Number to know the status. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can track PAN card details with the Aadhar number.

You can track your PAN application 7 to 15 days from the date of application.