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Nifty FMCG

The Nifty FMCG index reflects the behavior of all the FMCG companies in India from the FMCG sector. Fast Moving Consumer Goods or FMCG gets to witness the rescheduling of the index constituents biannually each year.

The Nifty FMCG index contains 15 stocks from the FMCG industry, and all of them are listed under the NSE or National Stock Exchange of India. With the help of the free-float market capitalization procedure, the Nifty FMCG index gets easily computed.

On the other hand, the index level reflects the overall free-float market value of all the stocks that fall under the index relative to a specific market capitalization value. The index of this particular sector gets utilized for countless purposes.

Some of the reasons it’s used are structured products, ETFs, index funds launching, and fund portfolio benchmarking.

Nifty FMCG Scrip Selection Criteria

Under this section, you will learn about the eligibility criteria of Nifty FMCG:

● All FMCG businesses must create a part of the Nifty 500 during the review process. If the number of stocks representing a specific sector under the Nifty 500 drops below 10, the number of deficit stocks will be chosen from the universe of stocks. All these stocks are ranked right under the top 800. They are ranked according to their average regular full market capitalization and regular turnover. All this information is based on the last 6 months, which were utilized for rebalancing the Nifty 500.

● All the companies that fall under the FMCG sector

● The companies also need to have a trading frequency of 90% during the last 6 months.

● FMCG companies should have a 6-month listing history. Companies that have IPO will become qualified for the index inclusion if they satisfy all the regular criteria for the 3-month index instead of the 6-month one.

● The last selection of the 15 companies should be made according to their free-float market capitalization.

● The stock weightage within the index should be calculated according to their free-float market capitalization. Following this method can prevent the stocks from going over 33%, and the top three stock weightage should be 62% or below that during the rebalancing.

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In the Nifty FMCG index, how is index rebalancing conducted?

The index rebalancing is done semi-annually. Here, the cut-off date is between 31st January and 31st July of every year. This means, during the semi-annual review of the indices, the cut-off is considered through the average data for 6 months ending. The market receives 4 weeks prior notice right from the change date.

Is it possible to purchase Nifty FMCG shares?

In short, yes, it is. Buying Nifty FMCG shares is possible, and you must do so from a registered and trusted brokerage firm. Opting for a registered and reliable broker will allow you to place the orders to purchase the shares without experiencing many issues.

What should I do to purchase the Nifty FMCG shares?

When you have decided to buy the Nifty FMCG shares, you must complete the registration work on the broker’s platform and become a new member. Once you log in as a user, you can go through the list of shares and choose the one you wish to invest in. After that, provide all your KYC information and then proceed further with the share-buying work.

Can you trade in the Nifty FMCG index?

You cannot directly trade in the Nifty FMCG index. It’s mainly because the National Stock Exchange of India or NSE does not provide any derivative contracts for the Nifty FMCG index in the form of an underlying asset.

How many stocks are available under the Nifty FMCG index?

The Nifty FMCG index contains 15 stocks. 

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