Online Trading Platforms

  1. Mobile Trading Platform

    With 5paisa, trade from anywhere in the world at the touch of your fingertips.

    • Manage your account

      Keep track of your holdings, PnL, net position and margin with detailed order book/ trade book.

    • Multi-asset Watchlist

      Create your own watchlist and keep a track of your investments

    • Mutual Funds

      Create your own watchlist and keep a track of your investments

  1. Browser Trading Platform

    5paisa Trade Station is available on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. You can trade on your choice of browser.

    • Trade in Lightning Speed

      Experience fast and intuitive user interface to make speedy investment decisions.

    • Invest in Mutual Funds

      Start a SIP directly with 5paisa trade station.

    • Instant Fund Transfer

      Enter your bank details and transfer funds within minutes.

  1. Desktop Trading Platform

    Get access to advanced trading tools with 5paisa Trade Station.

    • Advanced Charts

      intraday and historical charts are available to help you know the performance of a particular scrip over the period of time.

    • User-friendly

      The trade station has multiple shortcuts to make trading easier and faster.

    • Custom Watchlist

      Multiple watchlist in cash and F&O segment.

    • Trading Ideas

      Get trading ideas in equity and derivatives

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