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About Gold

Gold Rate Today vs. Gold Price Yesterday

The most popular gold rate for trading and futures purposes is normally the 24-carat gold with higher purity. Hence, when we talk of gold price today in the case of financial markets it refers to 24-carat gold. Similarly, when we talk of gold rate today for gold jewellery, it refers to 22-carat gold, which is normally not traded in financial markets.

Today 22 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in India (INR)

Gram 22 Carat Gold Today (₹)22 Carat Gold Yesterday (₹)Daily Price Change (₹)
1 gram 5,613 5,628 -15
8 gram 44,904 45,024 -120
10 gram 56,130 56,280 -150
100 gram 561,300 562,800 -1,500

Today 24 Carat Gold Price Per Gram in India (INR)

Gram 24 Carat Gold Today (₹) 24 Carat Gold Yesterday (₹) Daily Price Change (₹)
1 gram 6,123 6,139 -16
8 gram 48,984 49,112 -128
10 gram 61,230 61,390 -160
100 gram 612,300 613,900 -1,600

Historical Gold Rate

Following are historical Gold rates for 22 Carats and 24 Carats respectively:


22 Carat (per gm)

24 Carat (per gm)



















































Gold has been a valuable asset class from times immemorial. In India, gold has been one of the most preferred asset classes, with Indian households owning more than $1.30 trillion just in the form of domestic gold.


Types of Gold – Classified by Purity

One of the most popular classifications of gold is based on carats. Incidentally, carat measures the purity of gold and higher the carat value, higher is the purity of gold. Broadly, gold has 5 popular classifications based on purity, which is captured as under.



Gold Purity

24 K


22 K


18 K


14 K


10 K


Higher the purity, more malleable and softer will be the gold. Hence 24-carat gold is rarely used for jewellery as daily wear and tear will make it lose shape. The most popular for gold jewellery is 22-carat gold which has 91.67% purity. However, even 22-carat gold cannot hold diamonds and studded gems. Hence for jewellery with studded stones or diamonds, normally lower purity gold of 18-carat or 14-carat is used. Lower carat gold consists of a mix of gold with silver, nickel and zinc.

Gold Weight Conversion Table

To convert from To Multiply by
Tonnes Troy ounces 32150.7

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Gold FAQs

Why is Gold Valuable?

Gold is valuable as it is used for numerous purposes such as religious matters, mining, technology, electronic parts etc., which results in higher demand. 

What is the difference between gold and spot gold?

Gold is the name of the actual commodity which can be bought physically or electronically while spot gold is the immediate price of gold as traded on various exchanges.

How does spot gold trading work?

Spot gold trading works similarly to buying and selling stocks where investors can buy gold electronically through exchanges where gold is quoted based on real-time prices. 

Is spot gold trading legal in India?

Yes, gold spot investing is completely legal in India and can be executed legally through various commodity exchanges. 

How often do gold prices change?

Physical gold prices are fixed daily while spot gold price fluctuates in real-time based on the demand and supply factors. 

Is the price of gold the same all over the world?

The price of gold, especially the spot gold price is almost the same all over the world as the denomination is the same for the gold that is quoted in the international markets. 

How to calculate Gold Loan EMI?

You can now easily calculate gold loan EMI through our Gold Loan Calculator

What factors affect the gold rate? 

A number of factor go into the pricing of gold jewellery demand is one factor, but the most important factor is economic or geopolitical uncertainty. This leads to a spike in the price of gold as it is seen as a safe haven asset. Gold is inversely related to dollar and equities.

Is gold and silver rate the same?

Gold is more of a precious metal which is a safe haven asset class. Silver, is more of a commodity with extensive industrial application. However, an important factor in gold and silver pricing globally is the gold/silver ratio.

What causes gold rate to drop?

Normally, gold rates fall when the dollar strengthens or when equities are robust. Similarly, when there is news of an increase in GDP, then gold prices drop. Gold prices can also drop if the ETF demand for gold goes down.

Why does gold rate increase?

The most common reason for an increase in gold rate is the rise in economic and geopolitical uncertainty. If you look at the past, gold rates have risen in times of the global financial crisis, during the COVID pandemic, during the Iran embargo etc.

Which cities get affected by gold rate fluctuation? 

While gold is most actively traded in the Mumbai markets in terms of spot bullion and in terms of gold futures, the biggest demand for gold comes from Kerala state. This is the state that consumers maximum gold overall and obviously also on a per capita basis

Is it a good time to buy gold?

There is normally, no good time to buy gold. Investors must ideally look at gold allocation in the range of 10-15% of their overall asset allocation. This excludes your jewellery holdings. The holding can tweaked in the range based on gold prices.

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