Bajaj Auto consolidated monthly sales continue to go down

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Last Updated: 12th December 2022 - 11:31 am

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Stock price continues to fall, reflecting the slowdown in the two-wheeler segment.

On 2nd May, Bajaj Auto Limited posted its monthly sales data for April 2022. Overall sales have been down on a year-on-year basis. The most affected segment was the two-wheeler domestic sales numbers. The company sold about 93,233 units of domestic 2-wheelers in April 2022 whereas it had sold 1.26 lakh units in April 2021. A decline of 26% can be seen in the two-wheeler segment.

However, the commercial vehicles segment showed a growth of 13% in the domestic market. It sold about 8,944 units in April 2022 against 7,901 units in April 2021. The export market which has been a strong suit of Bajaj Auto Ltd witnessed a decline of 15% for the two-wheelers segment and also a downfall of 37% in commercial vehicles. The total consolidated sales declined by 20% on a YoY basis.

The sales in March 2022 reflected the continuation of the slowdown in the two-wheeler segment. The total consolidated sales in March were down by 20% on a YoY basis. The April 2022 sales witnessed a continuation of the same downtrend. The March 22 quarter ended results presented a mix of both positives and negatives. The net sales had de-grown by 8.14% while the profit after tax had grown by 10% on a YoY basis.

Bajaj Auto Limited is the flagship company of Bajaj Group and is one of the leading manufacturers of two-wheelers and three-wheeler vehicles. It is the world’s third-largest manufacturer of motorcycles and the largest manufacturer of three-wheeler vehicles globally.

Reacting to the monthly sales numbers, the stock closed in red, down by 2.75% today at Rs 3,624.50.

The stock has a 52-week high of Rs 4,347.95 and a 52-week low of Rs 3028.35.

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