Top swing trading ideas you should not miss!

Top swing trading ideas you should not miss!

by 5paisa Research Team Last Updated: 2022-04-04T15:10:35+05:30

Best Swing Trading ideas based on price and volume percentage surge. Balrampur Chini Mills, Jindal Saw, DCM Shriram.

Price and volume are two of the most prominent inputs used by traders across the world while swing trading. When used in isolation, they reveal very little but when used in conjunction, they help us to sort the wheat from the chaff. So, this swing trading system is based on the deadly combination of price and volume percentage surge, which helps us to discover high probability swing-trading candidates.

So, here is the list of stocks that fulfil the criteria of volume and price surge and as a result, they flash in our swing-trading system:


  1. Balrampur Chini Mills: The stock has gained 7% and hit a fresh all-time high on Monday. The stock formed a wide range bull bar as it opened at the lows of the day and closed near its high. The wide range bull bar indicates that the buyers were committed to one direction and more aggressive than the sellers. Moreover, the stock has witnessed a breakout of stage-2 flat base pattern on the weekly chart. What is more striking is the fact that the positive price action was supported by a jump in the volume activity. The volume for the day was greater than the 10 and 30-days average volume and in addition to this, the stock’s daily range was twice its 10-days average range, which resulted in meeting the norms of the swing trading system. In the near term, the stock has the potential to touch levels of Rs 418 and the support is seen around levels of Rs 380. 

  1. Jindal Saw: The stock has soared over 5% on Monday. The stocks' daily range on Monday was almost twice its 10-days average range. In addition to this the volume for the day was greater than its previous trading session and in fact volumes for the day were highest since August 20. Moreover, the volume for the day was greater than the 10 and 30-days average volume. With price and volume criteria met, this stock could see a good move in the coming days, hence, swing traders can keep this on the radar for an up-move towards the level of Rs 125 followed by Rs 131, while immediate support is seen around Rs 114.

  1. DCM Shriram: The stock has registered a double-digit gain on Monday. The daily range of the stock was more than double when compared to its 10-days average range. In addition to this, the stock witnessed a huge jump in volumes as volumes were not only higher than its previous trading session but also the highest since July 20. Besides, it was higher than 10 and 30-days average volume. As the stock has met the criteria of our trading system, swing traders should not miss this stock as it can touch levels of Rs 1220 in the near term followed by Rs 1280 in the medium term. On the downside, support is seen around Rs 1080 levels.

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