Only Sellers BSE

When the term Only Sellers or Lower Circuit in BSE is used, it refers to stocks where only sell orders are available, but there are no buy orders in BSE. There is a bearish trend in those particular stocks because investors are willing to sell them; however, there are no buyers to fulfill the orders.

When a stock is not performing well, people believe selling it will save them money before it might crash. Thus, the share prices tend to go down to the lower circuit stock level. Additionally, if the buyers wait for a stock to improve so they can obtain a better ROI, this can be noticed.

This list will help you identify stocks that have only sellers stocks and no buyers in BSE. This also includes lower circuit stocks. Keeping track of today's lower circuit stocks is vital for better investment decisions. You can view how many pending sell orders are shown and the extent of the unsatisfied supply. This tool is helpful for those looking for stocks at the lower circuit level.

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