Derivatives Trading Basics
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Bullish Options Strategies

Bullish options strategies are merely the practises that many traders use when they anticipate an increase in asset price.

To select the most effective options strategy, it is crucial to ascertain how much the underlying price will rise and how long the rally will last.
A trader can profit from buying call options in a straightforward strategy when the market is rising, but if they don't cover their positions in case of an unexpectedly sharp price decline, they run a lot more risks.

Moreover, buying while the market is relatively optimistic is not a wise course of action. Investors should use a bull call spread approach as opposed to buying a call.

Bullish Option Strategies

When market price increases are moderate, many traders will use the bull call spread trading strategy.
In this approach, a range is created by using two separate call option types, one with a lower strike price and the other with a higher strike price.

By employing this approach, the trader is unable to make a profit but is also protected from losses.
Against a premium, traders can buy a straightforward call option to profit from rising stock prices. The strike price and the security's current price are used to determine the premium.

The premium will be large if the strike price and current price are close to one another in terms of value. The buyers can exercise their rights to purchase equities at the strike price when the price increases.

However, if the stock price drops or stays the same, they can cut their losses by just lowering the option's premium amount.

The gain from the increase in stock price may be countered when the premium price is rising.

Additionally, they will be required to pay the agent's commission, which will be added to the spread's price.
Purchasing a call option will reduce your benefit from the agreement until the stock price rises sufficiently above the break-even point.

A specific stock price's break-even point is determined by adding the premium paid and the stock price.

What are Bullish Options Strategies?

Simply put, bullish options strategies are techniques that work specifically in the bull market. Investors apply bullish options strategies when they are certain that the market or individual stock(s) will rise. While framing an options strategy for the bullish market, investors generally analyse the support and resistance levels of the asset and choose the best strike price. However, if the market or stock(s) do not behave according to your prediction, you may lose a considerable amount.

Which are the Best Bullish Options Strategies?

1. Buy Call Options Strategy

This is the simplest options strategy for the bullish market. With a call option, you get the right to buy one or more lots of the underlying asset at a specified and predetermined price (known as the Strike Price) on or before the specified date. If the asset price becomes at-the-money or in-the-money on the contract expiry date, you make a profit. The risk in this strategy is confined to the premium you pay while buying the call option.

2. Bullish Spread Option Strategy

The bullish spread options strategy is also known as the bull call spread. You can apply this strategy when you are bullish but not convincingly certain that the market will rise. In this strategy, you buy an in-the-money call option and sell an out-of-money call option of the same expiration date. When you sell a call option, you get the premium and use that amount to buy the call option. While the profit in this strategy is usually less than the buy call option strategy, so are the losses.

3. Bull Ratio Spread

The bull ratio spread is a highly profitable options strategy for the bullish market. But, this strategy suits expert investors more. In this option strategy, you buy a call and sell another call in a ratio. Here, the quantity of the sell call is higher than what you buy. This strategy is highly remunerative because you can profit even when the asset price reduces or there is no movement in the underlying asset before the expiry date. Don't try it as a beginner, though.

4. Bull Call Butterfly Spread

The bull butterfly spread is a limited profit limited loss options strategy for the bullish market. This is also known as the bullish call spread option strategy since you have to buy or sell three calls. Here, you predict the underlying asset's price on the contract expiration date and buy one low-strike call, sell two high-strike calls, and buy one high-strike call. The calls you buy and sell must be with the same expiration date. You can make maximum profits if the underlying asset's price is near the sell call's strike price. 

5. Bull Condor Spread

The bull condor spread is one of the easiest and yet the most advanced bullish options strategies you can apply to make decent profits. This strategy requires creating four transactions to minimise the chances of a loss and maximise the profit. Here, you evaluate an underlying asset, predict a range, and choose an expiry date. After this, you sell one low-strike call and one high-strike call and buy one low-strike call and one high-strike call. The maximum losses in this strategy are defined, and so are the profits. 

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