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Amplify your financial journey with a star portfolio that has delivered 58%

Make well informed decisions for your investments with 5nance - India's first AI driven investment platform that gives you the edge towards superior financial gains. Strongly envisioned towards accelerating the pace of india's financial ecosystem with balanced wealth planning, wealth creation and wealth sustenance over generations. We are a true blue financial portal that puts people first, hence our products are well optimized to accelerate your financial gains!


Diversified investment options

Multiple investment options such as SIP, Lumpsum, Insurance, Mutual Fund, All Rounder - A multi asset portfolio, ETF, Gold and FD respectively to choose from.

Strong AI driven Investment Platform

Proactively adapting towards the market so as to stay updated.

1000+ hours of strong research

Thorough market research aids into making well informed decisions and not get triggered by market panic.

15+ years of Algorithm backtesting

Algorithm thats backtested over the years enables better performance and eliminates human bias.

Expert Advisory team

Strong advisory panel for your investments with leading trade experts. Get real-time trade recommendations on Whatsapp and Mobile via alerts to stay informed.

Products offered with 5Paisa

5nance's integration with 5paisa will help investors to securely and smoothly execute their investments and achieve higher market gains. The seamless and insight driven experience will be benefiting the consumer and help them to be quick and responsive towards market volatility.

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