Best Chemical Stocks

Best Chemical Stocks
Best Chemical Stocks

by Tanushree Jaiswal Last Updated: Sep 12, 2023 - 06:18 pm 7.8k Views
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Due to rising government efforts and increased demand for chemicals across numerous industries, India's chemical sector stocks have seen remarkable growth in recent years. Based on past financial results and projected future growth, this article will analyze the top chemical stocks in India to buy in 2023.

What are Chemical Stocks?

The term "chemical stocks" refers to the stock of businesses engaged in manufacturing and selling chemicals. These businesses may produce petrochemicals, agrochemicals, and specialty chemicals, among other sorts of chemicals. Investing in chemical companies can present considerable prospects for development and returns because the chemical stocks in India are one of the greatest contributors to the nation's GDP.


Best Chemical Stocks | Best Penny Stocks in Chemical Sector


Overview of Chemical Industry

India's chemical industry is a vital contributor to the expansion of the nation's economy. It includes various businesses that manufacture different chemicals, including medicines, specialty, and basic chemicals. Due to factors such as rising end-user sector demand, government efforts, and technical improvements, the industry has been expanding steadily in recent years. Investing in the best chemical stocks in India can be a compelling choice for investors seeking long-term growth potential. Reliance Industries, Tata Chemicals, and Aarti Industries are just a few major participants in the Indian chemical sector. Since these businesses have shown good financial performance and expansion potential, investors frequently choose them.

Why Invest in Chemical Stocks?

Investing in chemical stocks can provide important advantages for investors looking to build their portfolios and diversify their holdings. The need for chemicals is always increasing since they are used in so many different sectors of the economy, including building, transportation, and agriculture.

In recent years, chemical stock lists of India have also demonstrated substantial growth potential. Over the next few years, the Indian chemical sector is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 9%, driven by growing exports, favorable government regulations, and increased demand from end-user industries.

Investors can gain exposure to this industry's development potential by purchasing shares of chemical companies. Strong competitive advantages, such as size, technology, and intellectual property, are also frequently found in the chemical industry. Overall, it is anticipated that India's chemical industry will continue to expand, making it a profitable option for those seeking long-term capital growth and dividend income to invest in the finest chemical stocks in the country.

Factors to Consider Before Investing in Chemical Stocks related Stocks in India

For investors wishing to diversify their portfolio and obtain exposure to an expanding area of the Indian economy, investing in chemical companies can be a wise choice. Nonetheless, it is vital to take into account several variables

Before investing in top chemical stocks in India:

●    Industry trends: A wide range of national and international trends can affect how well-performing enterprises in the chemical industry perform. It's critical to be informed about market trends, including new laws, shifting customer preferences, and technological advancements.
●    Financial performance: Before investing, it is important to consider a company's economic performance. To ensure they invest in a profitable firm, investors should assess its revenue growth, profitability, debt levels, and cash flow.
●    Management team: A company's success is significantly influenced by the caliber of its management team. Investors should investigate a company's executive team's track record and capacity for strategic project execution.
●    Chemical industry's competitive environment: Many competitors strive for market share in this highly competitive sector. Investors should examine the competitive landscape to comprehend a company's position within the industry and its capacity to compete with other companies.
●    Valuation: Finally, before investing, investors should think about a company's valuation. Despite having strong financials and a competent management team, a company's stock may already be overpriced. Investors should consider a company's price-to-earnings ratio, price-to-sales ratio, and other valuation measures to assess whether a stock is trading at a fair price.

Before purchasing chemical stocks in India, investors should consider these aspects to make wise choices and earn impressive profits over time.

Performance Overview of Chemical Stocks List

1.   Reliance Industries Ltd

Mumbai is the home base for the Indian multinational conglomerate Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL). Petrochemicals, refineries, and oil and gas exploration are just a few industries.

Key Financial Factors:

●    Market Cap: INR 15.4 trillion
●    Face Value: INR 10
●    EPS: INR 98.57
●    Book Value: INR 892.27
●    Roce: 9.74%
●    ROE: 7.29%
●    Debt to Equity: 0.51
●    Stock PE: 25.06
●    Dividend Yield: 0.51%
●    Promoter's Holdings: 50.14%

2.    Tata Chemicals Ltd

A market leader in the chemical industry, Tata Chemicals Ltd. offers a diverse range of goods and services in sectors like food, textiles, agriculture, and industrial chemicals. The business operates in over 40 nations and is well-established in Africa, Europe, North America, and India.

Key Financial Ratios:

●    Market Cap: INR 21,642 crores
●    Face Value: INR 10
●    EPS: INR 15.67
●    Book Value: INR 141.26
●    Roce: 11.98%
●    ROE: 7.23%
●    Debt to Equity: 0.53
●    Stock PE: 25.80
●    Dividend Yield: 0.85%
●    Promoter’s Holdings (%): 30.80%

3.    UPL Ltd

Agrochemical giant UPL Ltd. has operations in more than 130 nations. Crop protection products, seeds, and post-harvest solutions are just a few of the agricultural products the business provides farmers. Moreover, UPL Ltd. is becoming more prevalent in the industrial and specialty chemical sectors.

Key Financial Ratios:

●    Market Cap: INR 88,346 crores
●    Face Value: INR 2
●    EPS: INR 21.48
●    Book Value: INR 102.12
●    Roce: 17.28%
●    ROE: 16.36%
●    Debt to Equity: 1.54
●    Stock PE: 20.72
●    Dividend Yield: 0.78%
●    Promoter’s Holdings (%): 27.40%

4.    PI Industries Ltd

The agrochemical and specialty chemicals company PI Industries Ltd. in India offers specialized solutions to the agrochemicals sector. The business is well-established in North America, Europe, Asia, India, and other international markets.

Key Financial Ratios:

●    Market Cap: INR 50,613 crores
●    Face Value: INR 1
●    EPS: INR 58.08
●    Book Value: INR 238.39
●    Roce: 34.48%
●    ROE: 29.19%
●    Debt to Equity: 0.03
●    Stock PE: 45.75
●    Dividend Yield: 0.36%
●    Promoter’s Holdings (%): 60.19%

5.    Aarti Industries Ltd

A leading Indian producer of specialized chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates is Aarti Industries Ltd. The business operates in pharmaceuticals, home & personal care, agrochemicals, and specialty chemicals and provides services to clients in more than 60 countries.

Key Financial Ratios:

●    Market Cap: INR 27,267 crores
●    Face Value: INR 5
●    EPS: INR 62.75
●    Book Value: INR 278.85
●    Roce: 23.70%
●    ROE: 19.35%
●    Debt to Equity: 0.29
●    Stock PE: 43.87
●    Dividend Yield: 0.37%
●    Promoter’s Holdings (%): 56.80%

6.   Deepak Nitrite Ltd

An Indian company called Deepak Nitrite Ltd manufactures performance products, fine specialized chemicals, and basic chemicals. The company works in several industries, including agrochemicals, medicines, pigments, rubber chemicals, etc.

Key Financial Ratios:

●    Market Cap: INR 23,470 crores
●    Face Value: INR 2
●    EPS: INR 53.60
●    Book Value: INR 238.48
●    Roce: 22.91%
●    ROE: 19.76%
●    Debt to Equity: 0.19
●    Stock PE: 33.76
●    Dividend Yield: 0.28%
●    Promoter's Holdings (%): 61.22%

7.    Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd

Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd. is one of the best chemical sector stocks of chemicals that creates a variety of fluorochemicals and specialty chemicals for several sectors, including aluminum, air conditioning, and refrigeration. The business is a component of India's largest corporate conglomerate, the INOX Group.

Key Financial Ratios:

●    Market Cap: INR 11,697 crores
●    Face Value: INR 1
●    EPS: INR 23.35
●    Book Value: INR 130.16
●    Roce: 11.45%
●    ROE: 8.97%
●    Debt to Equity: 0.01
●    Stock PE: 23.54
●    Dividend Yield: 0.53%
●    Promoter's Holdings (%): 74.88%

8.    Navin Fluorine International Ltd

Navin Fluorine International Ltd is an Indian specialty chemicals company that provides fluorine-based chemicals, specialties, and intermediates and contract research services to various industries such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and more. The company also has a strong presence in the life sciences sector.

Key Financial Ratios:

●    Market Cap: INR 14,449 crores
●    Face Value: INR 2
●    EPS: INR 51.39
●    Book Value: INR 225.74
●    Roce: 29.27%
●    ROE: 23.43%
●    Debt to Equity: 0.06
●    Stock PE: 41.32
●    Dividend Yield: 0.25%
●    Promoter's Holdings (%): 73.05%

9.    SRF Ltd

SRF Ltd is a multinational chemical manufacturer based in India that creates technical fabrics, packaging films, and specialty chemicals. The business serves various industries, including agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more. It has operations in Thailand, South Africa, and India.

Key Financial Ratios:

●    Market Cap: INR 31,399 crores
●    Face Value: INR 10
●    EPS: INR 83.48
●    Book Value: INR 355.28
●    Roce: 19.27%
●    ROE: 19.17%
●    Debt to Equity: 0.04
●    Stock PE: 38.83
●    Dividend Yield: 0.41%
●    Promoter's Holdings (%): 52.35%

10.     Vinati Organics Ltd

Vinati Organics Ltd is an Indian specialty chemical company that produces aromatics, monomers, and polymers in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and more. The company is a leading manufacturer of Isobutylbenzene (IBB), a key raw material for producing Ibuprofen, and also makes ATBS, a specialty monomer used in water treatment.

Key Financial Ratios:

●    Market Cap: INR 33,505 crores
●    Face Value: INR 1
●    EPS: INR 83.21
●    Book Value: INR 250.05
●    Roce: 26.17%
●    ROE: 22.71%
●    Debt to Equity: 0.00
●    Stock PE: 47.53
●    Dividend Yield: 0.23%
●    Promoter's Holdings (%): 55.09%

11. Balaji amines ltd

Balaji Amines Li is involved in the business activities of Manufacture of organic and inorganic chemical compounds. They are specialised in manufacturing Methylamines, Ethylamines, Derivatives of Specialty Chemicals and Pharma Excipients. 

Key Financial Ratios:

●    Market Cap: INR 8003 crores
●    Face Value: INR 2
●    EPS: INR 119
●    Book Value: INR 119
●    Roce: 50.2%
●    ROE: 34.4%
●    Debt to Equity: 0.08
●    Stock PE: 20.7
●    Dividend Yield: 0.24%
●    Promoter's Holdings (%): 53.70%

12.  Primo chemicals ltd

Primo Chemicals is involved in the business activities of Manufacture of organic and inorganic chemical compounds. The company’s main product is Caustic Soda Lye (300 TPD) and by products are Hydrochloric Acid, Liquid Chlorine, Sodium Hypochlorite and Hydrogen gas.

Key Financial Ratios:

●    Market Cap: INR 1890 crores
●    Face Value: INR 2
●    EPS: INR 6.55
●    Book Value: INR 14.9
●    Roce: 39%
●    ROE: 30.6%
●    Debt to Equity: 0.19
●    Stock PE: 11.9
●    Dividend Yield: 0.00%

13. Alkyl Amines ltd

Alkyl Amines Che is involved in the business activities of Manufacture of organic and inorganic chemical compounds. This company is responsible for a global supplier of aliphatic amine, amine derivative and specialty amines.

Key Financial Ratios:

●    Market Cap: INR 12417 crores
●    Face Value: INR 2
●    EPS: INR 44.3
●    Book Value: INR 210
●    Roce: 33%
●    ROE: 25.2%
●    Debt to Equity: 0.06
●    Stock PE: 54.8
●    Dividend Yield: 0.41%
●    Promoter's Holdings (%): 71.99%

Top Chemical Stocks to Invest in India

According to market size and financial performance, these are the best chemical stocks in India to buy:

Company Name



Net Sales


Net Profit

EBITDA Margins

Net Profit Margin

Reliance Industries Ltd


INR 8.33T

INR 1.60T

INR 1.43T



Tata Chemicals Ltd


INR 29.53B

INR 5.44B

INR 2.57B





INR 336.23B

INR 68.23B

INR 27.50B



PI Industries Ltd


INR 51.11B

INR 12.85B

INR 9.52B



Aarti Industries Ltd

Specialty Chemicals

INR 54.85B

INR 10.43B

INR 7.07B



Deepak Nitrite Ltd

Specialty Chemicals

INR 37.05B

INR 8.11B

INR 5.75B



Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd


INR 15.50B

INR 2.08B

INR 1.41B



Navin Fluorine International


INR 15.08B

INR 5.01B

INR 3.56B




Specialty Chemicals

INR 89.02B

INR 17.59B

INR 9.90B



Vinati Organics Ltd

Specialty Chemicals

INR 22.49B

INR 7.07B

INR 4.94B



Balaji amines ltd Specialty Chemicals INR 19.18B INR 4.59B INR 3.08B 23.80% 16.05%
Primo chemicals ltd Specialty Chemicals INR 4.49B INR 1.02B INR 0.5672B 12.63% 22.67%
Alkyl amines ltd Chemicals INR 15.43B INR 3.419B INR 2.25B 19.92% 14.75%



In conclusion, the chemical industry in India is expected to experience strong growth in 2023, presenting a promising investment opportunity for those interested in the sector. Based on key financial ratios and performance indicators, some of the chemical sector's best stocks in India for 2023 include Reliance Industries Ltd, UPL Ltd, PI Industries Ltd, and Navin Fluorine International. These companies have demonstrated solid financial performance, strong growth potential, and a track record of innovation in the industry. However, investors are advised to conduct thorough research and analysis before making any investment decisions.



Which Indian Companies are Investing in the Chemical Sector?

Some Indian companies investing in the chemical sector include Reliance Industries, Tata Chemicals, and UPL Limited. Apart from these, there are many other top chemical sector stocks companies in India.

What is the Future of the Chemical Industry in India?

The future of the chemical industry in India is very promising due to growth potential and government initiatives for self-reliance. The government's focus on promoting the manufacturing sector and improving infrastructure is expected to further boost the industry's growth in the future.

Is the chemical sector a good investment?

The chemical sector can be a good investment due to growth potential, rising demand, and the government's push for domestic manufacturing. However, like any investment, it is important to do thorough research and consider market trends and economic factors before making a decision.

What is the difference between chemical and pharmaceutical companies?

Chemical companies manufacture a wide range of chemicals, while pharmaceutical companies produce drugs for medical purposes. While both industries deal with chemicals, their end products and markets differ significantly.

How Can I Invest in Chemical Stocks Using the 5paisa App?

To invest in chemical stocks using the 5paisa app, log in, search for the desired company, select 'Buy', enter quantity and price, confirm the order, and complete the transaction using a payment method.


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