Financial shopping this Diwali

Financial shopping this Diwali

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by Priyanka Sharma Last Updated: 2022-03-30T11:01:07+05:30

Diwali season is upon us and like every year you must be really excited about the prospect of buying gifts and shopping to make the festival a perfect one. As Indians, we spend a fortune on celebrations, whether it is for buying fancy gifts, buying gold and jewellery for the future. But when you look at from a practical perspective, unplanned spending may take a toll on the financial health of an individual.

As most Hindus pray to goddess Laxmi to bring wealth every Diwali, the answer to your prayers has always been in front of you, without you ever realizing it. You just have to add some financial products like IPO, Mutual funds, Equities,etc. to your Diwali shopping list and you are all set.

Why invest in financial products?

While buying gold and jewelry is always a good thing, you can earn much more in the long run if you choose to invest your money in financial securities. Diwali season is one of the most exciting times of the whole year in India. Most companies wait for this season to launch new products or announce a positive news about the company’s business which can increase the value of your investment by a hefty margin in the future. If you choose to invest money during this season, there is a higher possibility of you earning huge profits in just month’s time.

There is nothing wrong with spending money on Diwali celebrations, but why not spend it in the way that can earn you huge profits? And you don’t have to dig into your savings everytime you make a plan for Diwali celebrations. Buying equities at a time when the companies are most likely to launch a new product or investing in mutual funds the bonus you get for Diwali will go a long way in building your wealth over time.

You may wait for Diwali to buy things for personal use, but successful investors wait to buy investments for building their personal wealth. If you haven't considered investing in financial securities yet, this Diwali can mark the start of your investing career. What better time to start investing than a time when Laxmi Ji herself is the happiest of the whole year?

You can understand how important the Diwali day is for investors by the fact that the stock market opens for just an hour on Diwali for ‘Muhrat Trading.’ Investors trade on this day to have a great trading year ahead, just like you do Laxmi poojan for a good financial year ahead.

The auspicious day of ‘Dhanteras’ falls on 17th October this year. Start your investing journey from this day and make it perfect by ‘Muhrat trading’ on Diwali. Go for equities, SIP, mutual funds and any other investment option of your choice and pray to Laxmi Ji that you have a brilliant investing career. Take the most important step towards building your financial wealth this Diwali and make it a perfect one for you and your family.

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