Impact of Oil Prices on Indian Stock Markets

Impact of Oil Prices on Indian Stock Markets
Impact of Oil Prices on Indian Stock Markets

by Tanushree Jaiswal Last Updated: Aug 01, 2023 - 03:52 pm 404 Views

The global rise in crude oil prices, surging over 27% since the start of this year, has far-reaching implications for the Indian economy and its stock markets. This blog delves into the diverse effects of oil price fluctuations on various industries, the impact into the stock markets.

The Correlation between Oil Prices and Stock Markets

The impact of oil prices on stock markets cannot be ignored. As oil prices increase, it triggers a domino effect on industries such as paints, cement, and oil marketing companies (OMCs), leading to reduced earnings and share prices. Additionally, indirect effects like rising goods transportation costs dent the margins of various sectors. However, there is one industry that benefits from surging oil prices - oil exploration or refinery companies, with ONGC being the prominent player in India.

The correlation between oil prices and the Indian stock market is significant. The surge in crude oil prices has several notable impacts on the market:

1. Increase in Current Account Deficit

Being one of the largest importers of oil globally, India faces a higher current account deficit with rising oil prices. For every $10 increase in oil prices, the current account deficit expands by 0.55%, putting stress on foreign currency outflows and depreciating the rupee. Companies relying on crude oil and other raw materials suffer, affecting their business.

2. Spikes in Inflation

Oil price hikes lead to inflation, impacting the prices of goods and services. Every $10 increase in oil prices boosts the Consumer Price Index (CPI) by 0.3%. Investors perceive inflation negatively, affecting stock markets.

3. Rise in Transport Costs

Fluctuations in crude oil prices directly affect transportation costs. When oil prices fall, logistics costs decrease, leading to lower final prices and increased demand for goods, thus boosting stock prices. Conversely, higher oil prices escalate production costs, negatively impacting stock prices.

Impact on Portfolios

Investors with portfolios heavily reliant on crude oil-dependent companies can experience significant fluctuations. Falling stock prices can rapidly erode overall portfolio value. On the other hand, declining oil prices boost investor sentiment and positively impact portfolios. Diversification is crucial to absorbing the impact of high crude oil prices and minimizing risk exposure.


While the overall stock market may not experience drastic fluctuations due to rising oil prices, industries heavily reliant on oil can face considerable volatility. Investors should exercise caution when investing in such companies and consider fundamental strength. Instead of trying to time the market, a long-term investment approach aligning with risk tolerance is advisable.

Navigating the oil price impact on the Indian stock market requires a thoughtful, diversified portfolio approach. By understanding the correlation between oil prices and various industries, investors can make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks. Remember, knowledge and strategic planning are the keys to sail through turbulent market conditions successfully.

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