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An Initial Public Offering OR IPO is the process of issuing stock for sale for the first time by a private corporation to the public. A company can issue its stock for sale for the first time to raise money by issuing either debt or equity. In case, the company chooses the equity route, the first such offering of equity shares to the public via listing of the shares in the stock markets is called an IPO. An issuer, the company that offers its stocks hire investment banks. With the help of investment banks companies set IPO Price, issue date, market the IPO, gauge demand and more. It can be an exit strategy, once company’s founders and early investors realizes full profit from their initial investment.

In accordance with the SEBI circular No. CIR/CFD/POLICYCELL/11/2015 , all IPO application forms should be supported by ASBA with client signature on the IPO form. Investors can also apply for IPO Online through online stock brokers.

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Current Issues More

Company Issue Open Issue Close Issue Type Lot Size Offer Price Download Action
No Data found for Current Issues

New Listing Issues More

Company Date Listing Price High Low LTP Volume (Nos.)
Nirmitee Robotic 19 May 189.00 221.00 221.00 221.00 600
DJ Mediaprint 29 May 20.60 49.65 49.65 49.65 6000
Cospower Engine. 20 May 51.00 67.35 67.35 67.35 2000
R O Jewels 26 May 36.00 36.00 36.00 36.00 3000

Top Performing Issues More

Company Listed On Issue Price Current Price Change
I R C T C 14 Oct 320.00 1409.90 118.93
Indiamart Inter. 04 Jul 973.00 2485.70 110.65
Affle India 08 Aug 745.00 1545.00 66.15
Vishwaraj Sugar 15 Oct 60.00 67.80 10.78

Closed Issues More

Company Issue Type Open Date Close Date Offer Price
Nirmitee Robotics India Ltd Fixed Price - SME 31 Mar 09 Apr 185.00
DJ Mediaprint & Logistics Ltd Fixed Price - SME 26 Mar 31 Mar 20.00
Laxmi Goldorna House Ltd Fixed Price - SME 20 Mar 03 Apr 15.00
Cospower Engineering Ltd Fixed Price - SME 17 Mar 19 Mar 51.00

Forthcoming Issues More

Company Issue Type Issue Size (In ` Crore) Lot Size Open Date Close Date Offer Price
No Data found for Forthcoming Issues

What is an IPO?

An Initial Public Offer (IPO) is the selling of securities to the public in the primary market. It is the largest source of funds with long or indefinite maturity for the company.

What is book building?

Book Building is the process of underwriter coming up with the price at which an initial public offering (IPO) will be offered. There is a minimum price and maximum price for the issue. During the time an IPO is open, investor bids for upper/equal price than the floor price. The offer price is determined after closing the IPO.

Can I apply multiple applications in same IPO using same UPI?

No, one bank account one IPO application is allowed.

What are the acceptable UPI Apps

You can use BHIM UPI App, along with BHIM Axis Pay (only android), BHIM SBIPay (only android), Citi Mobile (android & iOS), Google Pay (android & iOS), HSBC Simply Pay (android & iOS), iMobile by ICICI Bank (android users), Phone-Pe (android & iOS) (Refer - https://www.npci.org.in/upi-live-ipo)

What is cut off price?

Cut off price is the price at which investors get the shares issued. An investor can place the bid for the desired quantity at either equal to or higher than the price within the applicable range. This bid price is known as “Cut off price”.

What are the different investor types in IPO

Under Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) guidelines, there are four types of investors who can bid for shares during the IPO process. Below are these -

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