How women can become better investors?

How women can become better investors?

by Nutan Gupta Last Updated: May 04, 2023 - 05:36 pm 224.2k Views
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Over the generations, men have tried in grasping their hold on a majority of sectors, leaving women to what’s known as 'feminine' duties. But as is with nature, scenarios of the 21st-century world have changed drastically. Women now find themselves competing in par with their opposite gender in every imaginable field.

In this men dominated society, we see modern women playing with numbers in finance. Apart from the usual competition, they face a different kind of pressure from their colleagues/competitors of the opposite gender. Even so, women hold certain traits that can provide them with an upper hand in the finance market. This has been repeated proved by research conducted by Ledbury Research, Barclays Capital, and other firms. So, if you as women are still thinking twice about your decision to invest, read this and make an informed choice.


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Women exhibit a calm, disciplined approach

Women tend to portray a calm, thoughtful approach towards investment. They tend to avoid impulsive decisions like their male counterparts. Men might indulge in more situational decisions. For men, a huge gain could mean a huge party; a major loss would mean haphazard selling of stocks in the bear market. Women, on the other hand, happen to be on the calmer side. Their disciplined and cautious approach helps them refrain from making reckless decisions and help them take the next step wisely.

Having a research-oriented approach

A woman would do the necessary research before planning on investing her money in any stocks/funds. She would make sure that every stock/fund she invests into is worth her money and time. Women understand that financial news might be sensationalized around segments. Hence, depending on her own research is what they prefer.

Patience is the virtue of the wise

Women tend to play the safe game. They are conservative in their approach towards investment. Buying and holding are the key virtues of investing. Though it may not be applicable always, when it comes to it, women know exactly how it's done. This conservatism of buying and holding in right proportions help them achieve long-term targets.

Target-oriented approach

The divide between being goal-oriented and returns-oriented splits the factions of women and men. A woman would set a target and pursue it with all her heart and mind. They take relatively fewer risks than their male counterparts. This helps them be mindful of their competence, and navigate themselves even under risky market conditions.

Taking calculated risks

Psychological rift plays a bigger part in helping women do well in the finance market. The vociferous attitude that pertains to men makes them want to take bold decisions. A woman would keep it to herself, play it safe and gleam at every stock that pays out sufficient returns to her.

Things to keep in mind if you are a women investor

  • Do a fairly good amount of research before deciding to invest or not invest in something

  • Ensure that you don’t take every financial advice on your way. What works for others might not work for you

  • Plan your investment strategy keeping your goals in mind

  • Take risks when you are confident of the consequences and can handle it

  • Trust your instincts. If you believe in it, it is more likely to pay off, than when you don’t

Final Word:

As much as these are encouraging for women, one thing they have to realize is there is a lot to learn from male investors as well. Understanding, learning and acquiring the positive traits from both the sexes is the true way of excelling the finance market.

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