Quant Mutual Fund

Quant Money Managers Limited is one of the country’s most trusted and oldest Asset Management Companies that has over 22 years’ worth of experience in the industry. Quant Mutual Fund was established in the year 1996. 

Quant Mutual Fund takes pride in its intrinsic, active, and dynamic style of money management, which prompts them to generate alpha while keeping its investors’ money safe and secure. One of the best things about Quant Money Managers Limited is its interest in having a diverse set of mutual funds that suit the interest of investors of varied sizes and capabilities.

According to the top management of Quant Money Managers Limited, its “predictive analysis” is what has prompted them to sail through all these 22 years amidst varied and adverse market situations and emerge as the winner always. Their robust asset allocation coupled with innovative products, a keen interest in behavioral science, and deep market research of the dynamic macroeconomic environment has been the key to generating and managing a diverse portfolio of investors for the last two decades and more.

On December 1, 1995, Quant Money Managers Limited, famously known as QMML, was incorporated. Later on October 30, 2017, it was approved to act and work as an Asset Management Company by SEBI. As per the terms and conditions dictated by the Investment Management Agreement, Quant Money Managers Limited has been appointed by the Trustee Company to manage mutual funds. 

As a mutual fund company, Quant Money Managers Limited is known for its wide variety of products suited to all kinds of investors. Their mutual fund range varies from equity and debt to hybrid and tax-saving categories. Some of the famous products they offer are the Quant Absolute Fund, Quant Active fund, Quant Midcap and Large Fund, Quant Focused Fund, Quant Dynamic Bond Fund, and Quant Tax plan, among a plethora of other mutual funds.

In fact, in the last two decades, Quant Mutual Fund has emerged successful in providing financial management services that utilize its intelligent cross-market and cross-asset investment tactics to create wealth for its customers/investors. Their efficiency in market management, keen market research, and wealth distribution has been formed upon solid expertise derived from their sponsor, Quant Capital Finance and Investment Pvt. Ltd. 

Top 10 Quant Mutual Funds Schemes –

Fund Name
1Y Returns
Fund Size (in Cr)
Quant Small Cap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 1.07 - 1,754
Quant Tax Plan- Direct Growth Equity Very High 7.06 5 1,359
Quant Infrastructure Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 12.85 5 573
Quant Mid Cap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 9.05 5 511
Quant Active Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 5.42 - 2,329
Quant Flexi Cap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 0.38 5 380
Quant Multi Asset Fund – Direct Growth Hybrid Very High 7.20 5 306
Quant Absolute Fund – Direct Growth Hybrid Very High 7.82 5 404
Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 8.22 5 136
Quant Large and Mid Cap Fund – Direct (B) Equity Very High 6.36 5 136
Quant Focused Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 2.20 5 102
Quant Liquid Plan – Direct Growth Debt Moderate 4.12 5 674
Quant Value Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High - - 443
Quant Quantamental Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 5.24 - 75
Quant ESG Equity Fund – Direct Growth Equity Very High 16.85 - 76

Quant Money Managers Limited Key Information

Mutual Fund Quant Mutual Fund
Founded April 15, 1996
Incorporated  December 1, 1995
Sponsors Quant Capital Finance And Investments Pvt. Ltd.
Trustee Quant Capital Trustee Ltd.
M.D. & CEO Sandeep Tandon
Investor Service Officer Shivin Kumar
Compliance Officer Drishti Shah
Custodians HDFC Bank Ltd.

Quant Mutual Fund – Top Managers

1. Mr. Sanjeev Sharma

One of the pioneering figures in the contemporary finance and money management industry, Mr. Sanjeev Sharma is credited with experience of over 17 years in the banking and finance industry and has a noted specialization in Financial Risk and Risk Management. He is the current Money Manager – Debt Analytics at Quant Mutual Fund, where he has been working since 2005 in various portfolios.

Mr. Sharma has an M.Com degree and a P.G. Diploma in Business Administration (Finance) from Pune’s Symbiosis Institute. He is also a certified treasury manager, having received credible degrees in Risk Mitigation and Forex Management from the London Academy of Professional Education.

2. Mr. Vasav Sahgal

One of Quant Mutual Fund’s youngest but most dynamic money managers, Mr. Vasav Sahgal is a Money Manager – Valuation Analytics – and has experience in investment analytics across fixed income and equity products. Mr. Sahgal has a B.Com. degree from Jai Hind College and later completed the three-year Chartered Financial Analyst course. 

3. Mr. Harshal Patel

The Chief Financial Officer of Quant Mutual Fund, Mr. Patel is one of the youngest CFO’s in India’s mutual fund sector today. Backed with an experience of over a decade in the finance, accounts, and taxation industry, Mr. Patel is a certified Chartered Accountant. He joined the AMC as an official in the Finance and Accounts team and thereafter escalated many portfolios to become the CFO.  

4. Mr. Ankit A. Pande

Mr. Ankit Pande, one of the most important figures in Quant Money Managers Ltd., is working as a Money Manager – Valuation Analytics. Backed with an experience of over ten years in the industry, Mr. Pande started his career with Infosys Finacle. As a technology analyst, Mr. Pande was awarded the Thomson Reuters StarMine Analysts award in 2014 for top ‘Industry Stock Picker’ in I.T.

Mr. Pande has a B.E. in Electronics and Telecommunication from Pune University and pursued his MBA later from the Chinese University in Hong Kong, where he was placed on the Dean’s List for outstanding academic performance. He was further inducted as a lifetime member of the global Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) Honor Society. He also holds a CFA degree from the CFA Institute in the USA.