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When investing in the stock market, brokerage charges can consume your returns. In India, these charges vary widely, with some traditional brokerage firms charging exorbitant fees while others offer much more reasonable rates.

The lowest brokerage charges in India can vary depending on the type of securities traded and the specific brokerage firm you choose. However, many online discount brokers offer low brokerage fees for specific transactions, such as those placed online or through a mobile app. Additionally, some brokerages offer special promotions or discounts that can lower your overall brokerage fees.

How to choose the right broker by brokerage charges?

When selecting a broker, there are a few key factors to consider.

  Types of fees: Different brokers charge distinct fees for diverse trades. Some may charge a flat rate per trade, while others charge a percentage of the trade value. Compare the fees for the types of trades you plan to make.

●  Minimum account balance: Some brokers may require a minimum account balance to open an account. Understand the minimum balance requirement and whether it's feasible for you.

●  Services offered: While low brokerage charges are necessary, it's also essential to consider the services offered by the broker. For example, some may offer advanced trading platforms, research tools, and educational resources.

  Reputation: Look for a broker with a good reputation in the market and check the reviews, ratings and testimonials of the broker.

●  Promotions and discounts: Many brokers offer promotions and discounts on brokerage charges. Keep an eye out for offers that can help lower the overall brokerage costs.

These pointers may help you select the lowest brokerage charges Demat account in India.

Lowest brokerage charges in India

The lowest brokerage charges Demat account in India can vary depending on the type of securities traded and the specific brokerage firm you are using.

Although there’s a wide arange of options to choose from, in terms of low brokerage trading accounts in India, 5paisa offers the absolute best advantages for early and seasoned investors, primarily because 5paisa offers low brokerage fees of Rs 10 per order or 0.1%, whichever is lower. Additional benefits such as access to international stocks, ETF baskets and expert trading calls and advice, making 5paisa the best low brokerage trading account in India.

Different Types of Brokerage Accounts

When investing in the stock market, choosing the proper brokerage account is crucial. Not all brokerage accounts are created equal, they differ in features and fees.

You must choose the right type of brokerage account based on your investment goals, trading style, and risk tolerance. Some brokerages offer a combination of accounts, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

There are several types of brokerage accounts available in India. Different variants include regular brokerage accounts, intraday trading accounts, options trading accounts, margin trading accounts, and so much more. Here’s more about margin brokerage accounts, full-service trading accounts, and discount trading accounts.

1. Margin brokerage account

With a margin account, the investor can borrow money from the broker to buy securities. The securities and cash in the account serve as collateral for the loan. The investor is then responsible for paying back the loan, including interest, according to the terms of the margin agreement.

Margin trading can be a powerful tool for experienced investors, but it also comes with a higher level of risk.

2. Full-service trading account

This type of account typically offers the account holder additional services such as investment advice, research, and access to a dedicated financial advisor or broker. Full-service trading accounts are typically offered by traditional brokerage firms and are geared towards investors looking for more personalised attention and guidance. The main benefit of a full-service trading account is that it provides investors with access to professional investment advice and guidance.

3. Discount Trading Account

This type of brokerage account is offered by online discount brokers. They typically offer lower fees than full-service brokerage accounts and are geared towards investors comfortable managing their investments and making their trades.

The main benefit of a discount trading account is that it typically offers lower fees than full-service brokerage accounts.


Low brokerage charges can make a significant difference in your investment returns. By choosing a broker with low fees, you can keep more of your profits and increase your overall returns. But the lowest brokerage charges aren’t the only consideration to be made, as it is important to consider the services, customer support and platform the broker provides.

The Indian market has several online discount brokers that offer very low or zero brokerage fees for certain types of trades, such as those placed online or through a mobile app. A combination of market-beating brokerage charges and excellent trading infrastructure is offered by 5paisa. Open your Demat account with 5paisa today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brokerage charges differ depending on the account type and the services. However, 5paisa offers one of the lowest brokerage fees in India at just Rs 10 /execution or 0.1% of the trade.

The best ways to avoid or minimise brokerage charges are to choose an online discount broker, trade in bulk quantities, take advantage of promotions and discounts and avoid unnecessary trades.

Most discount brokers have some charges for the other, although 5paisa is a discount broker that offers free brokerage for delivery trades and a flat Rs 20 for intraday and F&O trades.

5paisa is a discount broker that offers a user-friendly trading platform, educational resources, and a wide range of investment options. It offers free brokerage for delivery trades and a flat Rs 20 for intraday and F&O trades.