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Last Updated: 21st June 2024 - 12:19 pm

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Granules India Ltd Share Movement of Day 



1. Granules India earnings are robust, providing solid coverage for their dividend payouts.
2. Granules India dividend growth has been consistent, showing yearly increase of about 22% over last decade.
3. Granules India stock performance has outpaced Nifty Pharma index, rising 70.31% in last year.
4. Granules India financial analysis reveals strong EBITDA margins & consistent earnings growth.
5. Granules India investment potential is high, with forecasts predicting 96.7% rise in earnings per share next year.
6. Granules India USFDA approval for Colchicine capsules strengthens its product portfolio in US market.
7. Granules India net profit saw 8% year-on-year increase in March quarter of FY24.
8. Granules India market position is solidified by 30% share of global paracetamol market.
9. Granules India revenue growth from North America increased to 70% in March quarter.
10. Granules India EBITDA margin improved to 21.8% in latest quarter, driven by higher value-added formulations.

Why Granules India Stock is in Buzz?

Granules India Ltd has recently captured market attention due to its impressive financial performance, strategic business decisions, & notable block deals. stock price surged nearly 4% following block deal worth Rs 252.40 crore on May 22, & company reported 8% year-on-year increase in net profit for March quarter of FY24. Despite some challenges, Granules India continues to demonstrate growth potential, making it stock worth analyzing.

Should I Invest in Granules India Shares? & Why?

Solid Earnings Coverage & Dividend Growth

Granules India’s strong earnings coverage of its dividends is key indicator of its financial health. company's earnings per share are expected to rise by 96.7% over next year, with payout ratio projected to be 5.0%, indicating sustainability. company has consistent track record of dividend payments, growing its distributions at annual rate of about 22% over last decade. This consistent dividend growth is positive sign for income-focused investors.

Financial Performance & Market Position

In recent fiscal year, Granules India reported 8% increase in net profit to Rs 129.6 crore for March quarter, despite slight decline in revenue. company has managed to improve its EBITDA margin to 21.8%, up from 19.1%, driven by higher value-added percentage from increased finished dosage sales & lower raw material costs. Granules India’s revenue share from North America increased to 70% in March quarter, indicating strong international market penetration.

Strategic Initiatives & Future Outlook

Granules India has been proactive in addressing market challenges & exploring growth opportunities. company received approval from USFDA for its abbreviated new drug application (ANDA) for Colchicine capsules, expanding its product portfolio in U.S. market. Additionally, company's focus on higher value-added formulations & global expansion, particularly in US & Europe, bodes well for future growth.

Challenges & Considerations

Despite its strong performance, Granules India faces some challenges, such as lower paracetamol sales & price erosion. company's fiscal year numbers were also impacted by cyber incident. However, management's strategic initiatives & positive outlook suggest that these issues are being effectively managed.

Stock Performance & Market Sentiment

Granules India’s stock has outperformed NIFTY & Nifty Pharma index over past year, with 70.31% increase compared to 24.64% gain in NIFTY & 51.19% gain in Nifty Pharma index. stock has also added around 16% in last month, reflecting positive market sentiment & investor confidence.

Granules India Shares Conference Call Highlights - May 2024

Granules India Ltd Revenue Performance

1. Q4 revenue was INR 11,758 million, 2% decline compared to previous year.
2. Formulation growth, including GPI-manufactured products, offset by decline in Para API sales volume & price erosion.
3. Full year FY '24 revenue was INR 45,064 million, similar to previous year despite challenges like cyber-attack & changing market dynamics.

Granules India Ltd Value Added Products

1. Value added as percentage of sales for Q4 FY '24 was 60.1%, up by 12.2% points from Q4 FY '23.
2. For full year FY '24, value added was 55.1%, up by 6.3% compared to FY '23.
3. Expecting value added to reach around 70% going forward.

Granules India Ltd EBITDA & EBITDA Margin

1. Q4 EBITDA was INR 2,557 million, 21.7% of sales, showing 12% increase from previous year.
2. Full year FY '24 EBITDA was INR 8,560 million, 6% decline primarily due to increased R&D spend.
3.Expecting EBITDA margin to be around 22-23% for FY '25.

Granules India Ltd R&D & New Product Launches

1. R&D spend for quarter was INR 609 million, up from INR 369 million in Q4 FY '23.
2. Total of 16-18 new product launches expected in FY '25, with 14 being new products.
3. Focus on first-to-file, first-to-launch products in various categories like CNS, oncology, & manufacturing technology platforms.

Granules India Ltd Market Dynamics & Challenges

1. Facing challenges in paracetamol market due to overstocking by competitors, excess capacity, & price erosion.
2. Expecting stabilization in paracetamol market by Q3 or Q4 of current year.
3. Strong growth anticipated in FD segment to offset challenges in API sales.

Granules India Ltd Future Outlook

1. Optimistic about growth in FD segment, with focus on new product launches & market share expansion.
2. Expecting healthy revenue growth in FY '25, driven by new product launches & increased market share.
3. Planning capex of INR 6,000 million for FY '25, with investments in Granules Life Sciences & maintenance capital.


Granules India Ltd presents compelling investment opportunity due to its robust financial performance, consistent dividend growth, & strategic market initiatives. While there are some challenges, company’s proactive approach to managing these issues & its strong market position make it viable option for investors seeking growth & income. 
Despite challenges in paracetamol market, company is confident about future growth driven by FD segment & new product launches. Focused on maintaining healthy net debt to EBITDA ratio & continuing investments in R&D & new projects.

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