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Last Updated: 24th June 2024 - 12:57 pm

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IREDA Share Movement of Day



1. IREDA stock price: IREDA stock price has been stable, reflecting confidence in renewable energy investments.
2. IREDA bond issuance: recent IREDA bond issuance attracted significant institutional interest, strengthening its financial position.
3. IREDA FTSE All-World Index inclusion: IREDA's inclusion in FTSE All-World Index boosts its global recognition & investor appeal.
4. IREDA financial performance: IREDA's financial performance shows robust growth, driven by effective management of renewable energy projects.
5. IREDA IPO performance: IREDA's IPO performance surpassed expectations, highlighting strong market demand for sustainable investments.
6. IREDA rating upgrade: IREDA's recent rating upgrade underscores its improved creditworthiness & operational excellence.
7. IREDA market sentiment: Positive market sentiment towards IREDA reflects optimism about its role in renewable energy financing.
8. IREDA technical analysis: Technical analysis suggests bullish indicators for IREDA stock, supported by solid market fundamentals.
9. IREDA investment opportunity: Investing in IREDA offers promising opportunity to support renewable energy initiatives & earn sustainable returns.
10. IREDA's impact on energy sector: IREDA plays crucial role in advancing India's renewable energy sector through strategic investments & development initiatives.

Why IREDA Share is in Buzz?

Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) shares have recently captured significant investor attention, primarily due to series of positive developments. stock jumped by 4% after company raised ₹ 1,500 crore through bond issuance, with bond issue being oversubscribed by 2.65 times. funds were raised at annual interest rate of 7.44% for tenure of 10 year & two months, reflecting strong investor confidence. Additionally, IREDA's inclusion in FTSE All-World Index has boosted its stock performance, with anticipated inflows of $57 million. This state-run enterprise, categorized as Mini Ratna (Category - I) under Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, has consistently promoted & financed renewable energy projects, solidifying its crucial role in India's green energy sector. 

IREDA Stock, which was listed at ₹ 50 last year & ended at ₹ 187.85 recently, has surged 82% year-to-date, massively outperforming benchmark Nifty's return of around 8%. Furthermore, stock saw sharp surge in final 30 minutes of trading session when FTSE adjustments took effect. With its market capitalization standing at ₹ 50,489 crore & high turnover of ₹ 208.64 crore, IREDA shares are well-positioned for potential growth.

Should I Buy IREDA Stock & Why?

Financial Performance & Market Sentiment

IREDA's financial performance has been robust, as evidenced by its successful bond issuance & oversubscription. company raised ₹ 1,500 crore through bonds at annual interest rate of 7.44%, which highlights strong investor confidence & favourable market sentiment towards company's future prospects.

Inclusion in FTSE All-World Index

Inclusion of IREDA in FTSE All-World Index is significant milestone. This inclusion is expected to bring in substantial inflows from global investor, which will likely drive stock price higher. FTSE adjustment led to notable increase in trading volume & sharp surge in stock price, indicating positive market reception.

Technical Analysis

From technical respective, IREDA is currently experiencing upward trend. stock is comfortably positioned above all its major Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) on daily chart, suggesting strong bullish momentum. According to technical analysts, stock is well-supported in ₹ 170-160 range. Maintaining this level could work in favour of buyer during any dips. However, breaking through ₹ 195-200 range poses challenge for bulls. Decisive breach of this level could potentially trigger next phase of rally from short to medium-term outlook.

Rating Upgrade

Upgrade of IREDA's ratings on bonds & Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs) from CARE AA+; Positive to CARE AAA; Stable by CARE Ratings is another positive indicator. This upgrade reflects company's strong financial health & its ability to meet financial obligations, thereby enhancing investor confidence.

Recent IPO Performance

IREDA's IPO performance has been impressive. company issued its equity shares at ₹ 32 apiece in primary market, & shares had stellar debut, opening at ₹ 60 & recording listing gain of 87.5%. Stock touched all-time high of ₹ 215 on February 6 this year, reflecting strong market confidence & investor interest.

Market Comparison & Returns

IREDA shares have risen over 79% in 2024 & gained 42% in three months, massively outpacing benchmark Nifty's returns of around 8%. This significant outperformance indicates stock's potential for high returns, making it attractive investment option.

Key Metrics Table

Metric Value
Recent Bond Issuance ₹ 1,500 crore
Annual Interest Rate 7.44%
Tenure 10 yea₹ & 2 months
Oversubscription 2.65 times
FTSE All-World Index Inclusion Yes
Market Cap ₹ 50,489 crore
YTD Performance 82%
3-Month Performance 42%
IPO Issue Price ₹ 32
Listing Price ₹ 60
All-time High ₹ 215
Current Price (as of last report) ₹ 187.85


Investing in IREDA shares could be promising opportunity given company's robust financial performance, positive market sentiment, & strong technical indicators. Recent bond issuance, FTSE index inclusion, rating upgrade, & impressive IPO performance collectively enhance stock's attractiveness. However, potential investors should consider market conditions & consult with financial advisors to make informed investment decisions.

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