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Alphaniti Fintech Private Limited

Investing Smart

Alphaniti is a multi-asset class, data driven, rule based, and tech led Investment platform

Alphaniti aims to redefine the experience of direct investments by offerings high quality offerings at extremely affordable cost by leveraging on Big Data, Deep domain expertise and Technology.


The present product offerings cover a diversified range of Single Stock Ideas, Thematic Investments and Trading Strategies, ETFs and Mutual Funds covering US and India markets.


Our extensive range of Investment solutions are data driven & rule based and are carefully designed & rigorously researched and back tested across market cycles to ensure robustness and avoid survivorship bias.


We rely entirely on statistical, mathematical and quantitative models that overcome the legacy issues of human bias, emotions and noise.


Products and offerings


alphagenie - Single stock recommendation engine. Statistical models rigorously backtested. For traders & short-term investors.

alphamatter - High Conviction Portfolios. Theme based & Multi-Cap. Quarterly Re-balancing.

alphastrategy - Algo based Portfolio Strategies. Smart Beta. Value, Growth, Factor, Momentum based.

alphamind - High Conviction Portfolios. Multi-Cap Diversified Approach. Blend of Bottom Up with Top Down.

ETF Corner - ETF based portfolios. Low-cost basket of passives. Asset Allocation to optimize risk/return.

IPO Corner - Subscribe to IPOs digitally. Recommendation & Research Journey in few clicks.

US alphamatter - Thematic and quant-based portfolios. Extensive range & Investment style. Partnership with US based Investment co.