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Raise your kids financially smart

Fyp is a super money app and a prepaid debit card designed for teenagers and kids that strives to empower them with financial literacy by providing financial tools to spend digitally, save up for goals and Invest Money in Stocks and ETF's under parental guidance.

This app allows teenagers & kids to shop offline with a swipe or tap & pay feature, pay online with digital prepaid card number and transfer or ask for money from their family or friends easily. It helps zealous teens to get practical understanding of money management, budgeting, saving and making wiser expenditure decisions.


The aim is to transform payment methods from cash to digital for teenagers, so that they can become capable, financially literate and future ready. With user-friendly interface and top-notch safety, it's extremely easy for parents and teens to use this app and make secure payments smoothly without any hassle.


Fyp has integrated with 5Paisa to offer India's first investing platform for kids and teens that helps them learn and build the habit of Investing their money from a young age, with full parental supervision. Parents can create their investment account with 5Paisa and allow their teenage kids to learn about the stock market and invest in a safe and supervised environment.


Products and offerings


Fyp Max: our premium offering for parents who want their teens to become financially smart, empowered and build habits of investing from a young age