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Investment ideas from a high quality community

Multipie is a platform where people can learn, share and collaborate on their investing journeys.  It offers end to end journey from discovery to execution.

Features :

  1. Ask any questions around investing and get answers from the community, friends and experts.
  2. See portfolios of your friends and network (top holdings and % allocation, no absolute amounts)
  3. Download portfolio insights report
  4. Invest in curated products across asset classes
  5. Trade through your existing broker

Along with an investing community for discovering actionable ideas, the product suite includes Curated Fixed income products, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Term and Health Insurance and Advisory.

Integration with 5Paisa

Multipie has tied up with 5paisa to enable 5paisa users to view and share their portfolio on Multipie. Users can track portfolio movement, get detailed insights about their holdings and network with other people on their investing journeys. Additionally, users can even place their buy/sell transactions on Multipie itself.