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Multi-account, multi-broker trading platform & automation APIs

We offer multi-account, multi-broker trading platform & automation APIs. You can easily trade across multiple accounts from multiple brokers both manually as well as using automation.


A trader or portfolio manager can monitor & trade in multiple accounts across different brokers from a single dashboard. 

Programmers or traders can automate their trading strategies using our independent APIs configured with 5Paisa which are available in many programming languages (HTTP, C#, Java, Python, AmiBroker, MetaTrader, Excel etc). We have the best documentation for our APIs.

Those using TradingView can easily automate their strategies across single or multiple accounts.

Products offered with 5Paisa

PMS Software: Your clients can monitor & trade multiple trading accounts from our single dashboard (useful for Portfolio Managers & those handling multiple family accounts) (More details: https://stocksdeveloper.in/documentation/pms/ )

APIs: Your clients also get easy to use multi-account trading APIs available in (HTTP, C#, Java, Python, AmiBroker, MetaTrader, Excel etc) (More details: https://stocksdeveloper.in/documentation/api/)

TradingView Automation: Your clients get the ability to do automated trading from TradingView (they can run a strategy across a single or a group account) (More details: https://stocksdeveloper.in/documentation/trading-view/ )