28 Apr 2023

Why increasing your expenses is good for you

Why increasing your expenses is good for you?

Surprised by the above statement?

In life you will always find people talking about living below means and spending less to save more, I'm saying the opposite: go ahead and spend more.


I’ll share a story with you. In my early career days, I had a colleague, Raj (name changed). He was a graphic designer and was earning a salary of ₹15000 per month when he decided to splurge on the latest mobile phone which cost him almost his 1-month salary.

"Oh wow, that's a pretty expensive purchase," I told him when he showed off his new phone. "I know, but I've been saving up for a while now," he replied.

A few days later, during a casual chat among colleagues, he mentioned his plans to buy a new laptop.

"Wait, don't you think you're spending a bit too much?" I asked him. "You just bought that expensive phone, and now you're planning on another big purchase?"

He ignored it and went ahead with his work. Later, I got to know that he took up some freelance work to save up for his laptop.

A couple of years later, I noticed he was eyeing a new car. I asked him how he was planning to pay for it.

"I'm taking up courses in animation and will use my new skills to ask for a raise," he said.

He got the raise and was promoted to Senior Designer.

In just 5 years, he had become the head of the department, while some people who had joined with him were still at the executive level.

His story made me realize how powerful is the thirst for materialistic things. They can motivate you to achieve great things in life.

So, Instead of limiting ourselves and saying, "I can't afford that, so I shouldn't spend my money on it," we should be thinking, "Okay, that's expensive; but we shouldn’t back down from the sharks."

How spending more can be beneficial for you?

When you think of increasing your expenses, the first thing that comes to your mind is to earn more. Now that’s what becomes your drive. With increasing expenses, you get accustomed to a better lifestyle, which pushes you to work harder and smarter. As you earn more your confidence level increases, and your respect in the eyes of your superiors, colleagues, family, friends, and society as a whole increases manifold.

To grow you need to reskill yourself from time to time. This way, you become relevant in a fast-changing world; especially with AI impacting so many jobs.

After all, spending more will urge you to earn more! So, don't be afraid to dream big and set your sights high.

Just remember -  Chaadar badi karne ke bare mai sochon, par toh udne ke liye hi hai!


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