Pancake Games token skyrockets over 1600% in just 24-hours!

Pancake Games token skyrockets over 1600% in just 24-hours!

by 5paisa Research Team Last Updated: Dec 13, 2022 - 12:30 pm 46.9k Views
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The movement is above 1600% in the last 24-hours and is currently trading at USD 0.0000201.

Let’s move down the memory lane, remember when bottle caps weren’t an environmental scourge? As a kid, we collected them, played with them, and even traded them. The bottle lid was made of corrugated metal with a natural cork insert that sealed the glass bottle.

But, fast-forward the collection of bottle caps might be out of fashion, and the new fashion or trend is for collecting the cryptocurrency. Interestingly, the collection of cryptocurrencies is not restricted to the kids like it used to be for bottle caps, but it’s for all categories of ages and investors. This frenzy of collecting cryptocurrency has reached such a height that some cryptocurrencies are witnessing a movement of 10-20%, and this is just a cakewalk. However, in the last 24-hours we have seen some cryptocurrencies moving not 10, 100 or 200%, but a whopping over 1000%!

Yes, a mindboggling 1000%, you’ve heard it right and this is not even a typo mistake. Pancake Games (GCAKE) has zoomed over 1600% in just the last 24-hours. To be precise, the movement is above 1620.75% in the last 24-hours and is currently trading at USD 0.0000201.

What is Pancake Games?  

Pancake Games will give you the answer and provide information and tools to let users have an exclusive experience with Blockchain games. Pancake Games is an intelligent way to play the Blockchain game. Interestingly, by holding a token called GCAKE, users will increase their chances of winning various rewards. By staking GCAKE, for example, users will be able to receive priority for exclusive NFTs, pre-order new games, etc.

As per the pancake games website, it is mentioned that a total of 10 trillion tokens (GCAKE) are in supply and it has also been mentioned on the website that there will not be any additional issuing of GCAKE, so the total supply will not increase. In addition, with the burn mechanism at an unprecedented rate, GCAKE will be deflated in the short and long term.

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