These stocks see huge volume burst in the last leg of the trading session! 

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Last Updated: 13th December 2022 - 05:43 pm

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Adani Green Energy, Info Edge, and VIP Industries have witnessed volume burst in the last 75 minutes of the trade.

As the saying goes, the first and the last hour of each trading session is the most important and active in terms of price and volume. More so, the activity in the last hour is said to be of utmost importance because most of the pro traders and institutions are active at this time. Hence, when a stock sees a good spike in volume in the last leg of trade along with price rise it is said to be the pro and institutions have a keen interest in the stock. Market participants should keep a close watch on these stocks as they can witness good momentum in the short-medium term.       

So, based on this principle we have shortlisted three stocks, which have witnessed volume burst in the last leg of trade along with price rise.       

Adani Green Energy: The stock was locked at upper limit of the day on Tuesday. The stock traded in a sideways manner for the first couple of hours, however, soon the price started to trend higher along with decent volume activity as the day progressed. Towards the end, the stock witnessed a rise in its volume as more market participants participated in the stock. Nearly 60% of the total daily volume was recorded in the last 75 minutes. With the strong price and volume activity witnessed in the last leg of the day, the stock will be in focus for the coming days.    

Info Edge: The stock had opened lower on Tuesday and after opening lower the stock made a low of Rs 5501.75, however, the lower prices did not sustain too long and the stock started to pare it losses. After paring its losses, the stock turned sideways, only to see a huge eruption in price and volume in the last 75-mintues of the day. Nearly 1.95 lakh shares were traded in last 75-mintues of the day and price too witnessed jumped higher. Overall, more than 50% of the volume was recorded in the last 75-minutes. Hence, close a keep watch on this stock.       

VIP Industries: The stock jumped more than 6 per cent on Tuesday and as a result, the stock outperformed the broader markets hands down. The stock witnessed good action in the initial 75-mintues of the day, but thereafter, it traded in a minuscule range for the next couple of hours. However, in the last leg of trade, the stock witnessed a mammoth move along with huge spike in the volume. Interestingly, bulk of the price move was witnessed in second half of trading session and nearly 40 per cent of the total traded volume of the day was registered in the last 75-mintues of the day. Also, on the daily chart, the stock recorded above-average volume which is greater than 10 and 30-day average volume. Considering above factors, we would recommend to keep this stock on your radar.   


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