These sugar stocks of Anil Kumar Goel gave above 125% return in 2021. Know the strategy here!

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Last Updated: 12th December 2022 - 03:40 pm

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While S&P BSE small cap index is 55% up in 2021, the top holdings of Anil Kumar Goel had outperformed Sensex with an astronomical return of above 125% from his three small cap picks.

With a great return of 175% from one of his small cap picks, Anil Kumar Goel is surely catching the attention of investors.

Anil Kumar Goel Portfolio Outperformers in 2021

1. Anil Kumar Goel has a stake of 6.1% in this small cap business engaged in manufacturing of sugar, generation of power, manufacturing of industrial alcohol and manufacturing of refractory products, Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd. The portfolio worth is Rs 190.4 crore, quantity held is 49,05,000 shares. The stock has surged from Rs 142 to Rs 391 in 2021, which in 10 months registered a 171% return. This is the 3rd top holding of his portfolio, where there is no change in the September quarter. 

2. Second outperformer is Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd. engaged in diversified businesses, mainly categorized into two segments Sugar & allied businesses and Engineering business, he has a stake of around 2.7%. The portfolio worth is Rs 125.5 crore, quantity held is 6,500,000 shares. The stock has surged from Rs 72 to Rs 193 in 2021 which is in a period of 10 months registered 167% return, where there is no change in the September quarter.

3. Third outperformer is Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd primarily engaged in the manufacturing of sugar and allied products, he has a stake of around 6.5%. The portfolio worth is Rs 87 crore, quantity held is 1,22,50,000 shares. The stock has surged from Rs 31 to Rs 71 in 2021 which is in a period of 10 months registered 128% return, where there is a 0.1% increase in stake during the September quarter.

As you must have noticed all his picks are small cap stocks. Do you wonder how these stocks are picked?

Investment strategy for long term

These stocks are selected based on a few basic parameters,

1. Double-digit sales growth for 3 years or 5 years.

2. Double-digit profit growth for 3 years or 5 years.

3. Double-digit ROE for 3 years or 5 years.

4. Company P/E is lower than industry P/E.

These are only quantitative factors, a strong business model, effective management, good corporate governance would also come into play.

Since fund managers are using these parameters for long-term strategy, why not as retail investors follow the same. 

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