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Auto Sales Numbers for November 2021

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Indian auto sector has been under pressure over the last couple of months due to a shortage of microchips and supply chain constraints hitting output. Most auto companies have been forced to cut production. The pressure continued in the month of Nov-21 too.

Auto numbers of major auto companies in India:

1. India’s largest auto manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki, reported -9% fall in total sales at 139,184 units for Nov-21. Total domestic sales were down -18% at 117,791 units. This was offset by growth in exports. The shortage of microchips continued to plague the company.

The weakness in sales was visible across the mini cars segment and the compact cars segment. While the mid-sized sedans also safe a fall in sales, utility segment consisting of Ertiga, Brezza, S-Cross and Gypsy witnessed growth.

2. India’s second largest four-wheeler manufacturer, Hyundai India, witnessed -21% fall in sales at 46,910 units in Nov-21. Domestic sales were down -24% in Nov-21 while the exports segment saw a fall of just about -5%. Like Maruti, Hyundai has also been hit badly by the microchip shortage in the markets.

3. An exception was Tata Motors which saw sales grow 25% in Nov-21 to 62,192 units. The company witnessed a 21% growth in the domestic segment and a larger growth in exports.

Even commercial vehicle (CV) sales were up 15% in Nov-21 at 32,245 units. This only pertains to the sales of Tata Motors India and excludes the JLR franchise.

4. Unlike the growth in sales in Oct-21, Mahindra & Mahindra reported a fall of -6% in Nov-21 at 42,731 units.

However, M&M reported 7% growth in the passenger vehicles segment while the commercial vehicles segment saw contraction of -23% in Nov-21. M&M also witnessed a 15% fall in tractor sales in Nov-21.

5. Finally, let us look at the 2-wheeler space and the 2 companies that announced numbers. Bajaj Auto reported -10% fall in sales in Nov-21 at 379,276 units.  

Most of the pressure was seen in the domestic space, with its much larger exports franchise down by just -1% in Nov-21.

The other two-wheeler company, TVS Motors, reported -15% fall in sales in Nov-21 at 272,693 units. The domestic sales fell -29% for TVS Motors. This was compensated by a 30% surge in its exports in Nov-21.

Apart from these players, Escorts reported -30% fall in its tractor and farm equipment sales for Nov-21. Eicher reported 31% growth in its trucks and buses business while the Volvo VECV business saw dispatches grow by 10.1% in Nov-21.

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