Discover This Lesser Known Benefit of Your Health Insurance Policy

Discover This Lesser Known Benefit of Your Health Insurance Policy
by Nutan Gupta 28/07/2017

Your insurer offers you a free medical check-up along with health insurance policy. However, most of the people are still unaware or skeptical of availing this benefit. Generally, according to statistics, only 20-25% of the policyholders avail this benefit.

Lack of awareness about this policy feature is one of the major causes of people not availing this benefit. Another doubt that keeps the insured customer from taking up these free check-ups is that they are fearful about a rise in premium if the test results are not up to the mark.

This fear, however, is completely baseless. Medical check-ups have no effect on the premium even during policy renewal. The health check-up will only affect your policy once your test results are not favourable. In thatcase the health check-up is a timely life-saving service.

Free Routine Health Check-ups V/s Paid Health Check-up


How Much Can You Save?
The check-ups generally covered under the health insurance policy include almost every basic check-ups like ECG, complete blood count, fasting blood sugar, lipid profile, urine test and chest x-ray. Some insurance companies specify the amount of free health check-up that one can avail.

When can You Avail Your Free Health Check-up?
Health insurance policies offer reimbursement to a policyholder for a free medical check-up once in every four years. However, things are improving now; but, at a recent trend, it has been seen that many insurance companies are now offering a free medical checkup every year in the policy term.

Check the Terms and Conditions
Various diagnostic centres have different charges, so the policyholder must carefully read the policy document to know how much cost will be reimbursed by the insurer.

Generally, the customer is not asked to pay if the tests are done at a diagnostic centre specified by the insurance company. The insurer pays the centre as per the rates that they have arrived at, after their agreement.

If the tests are done in a non-empanelled centre, the charges are reimbursed upon receipt of the bill based on the payout policy of the insurance company.

Choose An Online Insurance Platform for Clarity
Availing free health check-up depends on company to company. Even once you find a company that offers free health check-ups, it can become a hassle trying to find out the specifics while comparing each of the options at your disposal.

Log on to where you will be able to compare insurance policies from multiple websites from a single site. We not only help you in buying the policy but also provide insurance advice to help you understand which insurance policy suits your needs.