Muhurat Trading 2021: Diwali Muhurat Trading Session

Muhurat Trading – 2021

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Muhurat Trading 2021 - Samvat 2078

The history of Muhurat trading is almost as old as the Bombay Stock Exchange itself. The business community from Gujarat and Rajasthan, that has traditionally dominated the stock exchange membership and trading considers Diwali an auspicious occasion.

It is considered to be the period when Goddess Laxmi visits the homes and offices of people in all her splendour. Goddess Laxmi is revered as the embodiment of wealth and prosperity so Muhurat Trading 2021 is intended as a harbinger of prosperity through the year.

An interesting piece of information on this topic. The start of the Hindu Samvat calendar approximately corresponds to 56 or 57 BCE. That is why the Samvat calendar is 56 years and 7 months ahead of the English calendar. On the day of Diwali 2021, the Samvat 2078 will be ushered.

The Muhurat Trading is to commemorate the start of the new Samvat 2078. That is when the traditional business community opens their books of accounts and hence it is also celebrated as “Chopdi Pujan”.

Muhurat Trading Session

Date - November 4

Trading Time - 6.15 p.m. to 7.15 p.m.

For the year 2021, the Muhurat Trading will be conducted on the stock exchanges on 04-November between 6.15 PM and 7.15 PM. The Muhurat trading time is based on astrologically defined auspicious time of the day.

On 04 November, the block deal session will go on for 15 minutes from 5.45 PM till 6 PM. The pre-open session will take place for 8 minutes between 6 PM and 6:08 PM. The pre-open will be the order collection and the order matching period. You would find it interesting to know that all the trades executed in the Diwali Muhurat trading result in settlement obligations.

Looking back at the previous Muhurat Trading

Last year, the special Muhurat Trading session was held on 14-November 2020. On the previous Muhurat day, the Nifty had closed at the level of 12,780. As of 27-October 2021, the Nifty is up a full 42% since the last Muhurat Trading close. That is surely a lot of wealth created by the stock markets in a span of one year. On the last Muhurat Trading session, the Sensex saw 22 stocks advancing and only 8 stocks declining. 

The best Muhurat trading performance till date happened on the Muhurat Trading session at the peak of the global financial crisis in 2008. During that Muhurat Trading session on 28-October 2008, the Sensex closed with gains of a full 5.86%, the best Muhurat session ever.

Except the Muhurat Trading Time, Stock Market will remain close, check Stock Market Holidays 2021


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