Raj TV, HT Media among stocks priced under Rs 100 showing a bullish pattern

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Investors who bank on technical analysis or patterns in the price and volume movements of a stock typically use candlestick charts or use it along with other parameters to predict price movements of stocks in the future.

Candlestick charts, or Japanese candlestick charts, were devised by—or are attributed to—Japanese rice trader Munehisa Honma, who made loads of money in Osaka in the 18th century.

Of course, he wouldn’t have imagined that nearly 300 years later, the candlestick charts would become the staple of studying patterns in the stock and currency market.

In simple terms, the candlestick captures the opening and closing price along with highs and lows of a stock. Analysts study patterns of these candlesticks to pick stocks.

One of the strategies that are used by technical analysts is to look at stock with good aggregate candlestick strength. This, in turn, is the value one derives from the net of bullish over bearish candlestick indicators.

If the number is in the positive quadrant and has a higher value it indicates the bullish pattern and vice versa for the number being in the negative side.

If we apply this to the broader list of stocks, we get a set of 111 companies that have a good aggregate candlestick strength of 2 or more, showing bullish trends. Most of these stocks are from the small and micro-cap list.

If we filter out companies by focusing on stocks with stock price under Rs 100 each, we get 72 companies.

In this set, companies from include Renaissance Global, Ludlow Jute, Waterbase, Maheshwari Logistics, Damodar Industries, Raj Packaging, Zenlabs Ethica, Raj Television, Apt Packaging, VTM, Inox Green Energy, Axel Polymers, Enbee Trade, Jetking Infotrain, Modern Dairies, Ceeta Industries and Shree Krishna Paper.

There are also companies such as ISL Consulting, Bharat Bhushan Fin, Ramsons Projects, Prima Industries, HT Media, Taaza International, Sterling Powergensys, Patel Engineering, PVV Infra, Indo Asia Finance, GTN Textiles, Hindustan Flurocarbon, Vivimed Labs and Facor Alloys.

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