Upcoming IPO Analysis of Sona Machinery Ltd

Upcoming IPO Analysis of Sona Machinery Ltd
Upcoming IPO Analysis of Sona Machinery Ltd

by 5paisa Research Team Last Updated: Mar 05, 2024 - 10:16 am 345 Views
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What Sona Machinery Limited do?

Sona Machinery Limited was established in 2019 & manufactures agricultural equipment for processing of wheat, rice, pulses, spices, & barnyard millet.

Firm produces variety of equipment, including Bucket Elevators, Belt Conveyors, Rice Whitener, Thick/Thin Graders, Vibro Classifiers, Paddy De-Husker, Husk Aspirator, Multi Graders, Length Graders, & Silky Polishers.

Firm ships its goods to Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, & Nigeria.

Organization has been granted ISO 9001:2015 accreditation by Das System & Services Pvt Ltd for its Quality Management Systems.

Sona Machinery offers comprehensive range of services for milling industry, from paddy unloading to rice packing for rice milling industry, & from grain unloading & milling to pre-crushing for ethanol distilleries. These services include engineering, installation, supervision, & machine commissioning.

Sona Machinery Limited Financials

Sona Machinery Limited Financials Analysis 


1. Bhel’s total assets have shown consistent upward trend over past four periods, indicating healthy growth in company’s asset base.
2. From March 2021 to Nov 2023, assets have more than doubled, suggesting robust business expansion & investment in productive assets.
3. This growth in assets reflects positively on company’s financial health & operational efficiency.


1. Revenue has also exhibited increasing trend over analysed periods, indicating growing sales & business activity.
2. Substantial increase in revenue from March 2021 to November 2023 signifies strong top-line growth & effective revenue generation strategies.
3. Company's ability to consistently increase its revenue demonstrates its competitiveness & market demand for its products or services.

Profit After Tax (PAT)

1. PAT has experienced significant fluctuations over periods analysed, with noticeable spike in November 2023 compared to previous periods.
2. Despite fluctuations, there is overall increasing trend in PAT, indicating improving profitability over time.
3. Sharp increase in PAT from March 2023 to November 2023 suggests efficient cost management or potentially higher revenue generation relative to expenses.

Net Worth

1. Bhel’s Net worth has shown substantial growth across periods, indicating increase in company’s overall value & shareholders' equity.
2. Consistent growth in net worth reflects company’s ability to generate profits & reinvest them into business, leading to enhanced shareholder value.
3. Significant growth in net worth is positive indicator of company’s financial stability & long-term sustainability.

Reserves & Surplus

1. Reserves & surplus have followed similar trend to net worth, indicating prudent financial management & retained earnings.
2. Steady accumulation of reserves & surplus demonstrates company’s ability to retain profits for future investments or unforeseen expenses.
3. Healthy level of reserves & surplus strengthens company’s financial position & provides buffer against financial risks.

Total Borrowing

1. Total borrowing has shown fluctuations over periods analysed, with noticeable decrease in Nov 2023 compared to previous year.
2. Decrease in borrowing indicates reduced reliance on external financing, which may be attributed to improved cash flow or increased profitability.
3. Lower borrowing levels reduce company’s financial leverage & interest expenses, contributing to improved financial flexibility & stability.

Interpretation & Conclusion

1. Bhel has demonstrated strong financial performance over analysed periods, characterized by consistent growth in assets, revenue, & profitability.
2. Increasing profits & net worth indicate improving operational efficiency & effective utilization of resources.
3. Decline in total borrowing coupled with growth in reserves & surplus suggests strengthening financial position & reduced financial risk.

Overall, financial analysis indicates that company is on growth trajectory, with solid fundamentals & promising outlook for future performance.

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